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Solaris Arena!

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Posted 26 April 2018 - 06:46 AM

Solaris is here again!!!
I have not posted suggestions in quite some time.

It is great joy to play against someone back to back.

Should be a rematch option for best 2 out of 3 availiable on the after game results screen.

Either player can click REMATCH, and the other player clicks YES or NO.

Should the questioned player not answer, the automatic answer is NO, preventing AFK farming.

With rematch agreed to, players go back to the Ban Arena section screen, with the previous match loser voting first and the winner getting last say.

(Less important) If each player gets a win, the score screen could automatically have the option for DRAW or FINAL REMATCH/BATTLE/PLEASE MAHM, CAN I HAVE SOME MORE?

Both players will need to select agreement for the final match to take place.

As a second note, perhaps messaging to the other team during map/load/drop is a game engine issue in group drops.

If it is not an issue during the current Solaris matches, IT WOULD BE GREAT TO TYPE GREETINGS BEFORE PILOTING CONTROL IS GRANTED.

Think of the extra pilot focus for a match if typing is taken care of before the game is on.

During the drone video feed, consider that messages could be a distraction for players per chance they focus less on identifying what the enemy may be packing.

Glad to get a little at a time.

Eagerly waiting for the next podcast, MW4 Mercs style weight class teamless brawls of 16, and that cockpit mounted working thermometer I've mentioned making an intentional shut down to cool down knowledgably timely efficient...

Special Thanks to "Duncan Fisher" and the MechTechWarriors for what we players are privileged.

Curses to this forum for not having a spellcheck.


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Posted 26 April 2018 - 07:01 AM

I agree, despite Duncan saying yet again that the players are evenly matched (which it did once for a guy with 120+ wins and 3 losses and me....), when Duncan said the players are evenly matched I saw Bob's guns and I saw mine and "No, Duncan, it is not tough to call this match; Bad Bob is gonna win." (And I would have typed as much, but since it locks us out of typing in the elevator and at the start of the drone video footage if you don't already have it open, I typed nothing.)

And so he won as I predicted. :)
But I do admit it was close in that harrowing last couple of seconds Now if only the Gauss Rifles hadn't failed to fire.

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