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Bug Update

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Posted 16 April 2013 - 12:22 PM

As you can see there was a significant focus on addressing core bugs for this latest patch sadly a few key issues didn't make the cut off for this patch.

Disconnect Mid Game

An additional source of disconnecting mid game was identified and a fix implemented; however, it didn't make the cut off for this patch so will be included in the next patch.

HUD Corruption Issues- (Missing battle grid background, missing markers etc.)

We intensified our efforts to fix this bug for this patch, I'd like to speak a bit about why this bug is so hard to fix.

We're aware that the cause of this bug is corruption in the UI display list, tracking the source of this corruption though is non-trivial. The UI code traverses all manner of systems:

UI Code -> CryEngine Event System -> CryEngine Scaleform Interface -> Scaleform SDK

We continue to work to isolate this issue and while we do so we are also investigating a potential workaround if we can't get to the root of this issue soon.

We appreciate the frustration this issue causes and it remains high on our priority list, there is no lack of focus on this issue and we are not ignoring it waiting for UI 2.0 and aim to have it addressed as soon as possible.

Performance Issues

As mentioned in a prior post we are bringing online tools internally to help provide much wider test cases for FPS and we'll be working shortly to improve performance where we see it has degraded from previous builds. The critical bugs have taken priority as many users are able to lower their settings as a workaround for this issue until we can perform another client performance pass.

As always we are working rapidly to address these issues for all our users, and building tools that ensure we don't see issues like this persist further into Beta as we make our way towards launch.

We know we hear a lot of posts stating that Beta is not an excuse for bugs making it onto production. Ultimately our internal tools and processes for ensuring bugs don't make it onto production continue to mature along with all aspects of the game, part of making it from Beta to Launch is ensuring that each patch doesn't take any steps backwards and it is partly due to this ongoing process that we define ourselves as being in Beta. As we work towards Launch we also work towards a mature pipeline that delivers reliable content without introducing new issues.

Hopefully you agree the latest patch marks a number of strides in this area and we look forward to sharing additional strides with you in upcoming patches.

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