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Project Phoenix - Faqs


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Posted 25 June 2013 - 10:05 AM

This thread answers some frequently asked questions from our Project Phoenix Promotion. This post was last updated on November 20, 2013.

If you have feedback regarding this promotion, or if you would like to engage in discussion with other players, please see this thread.

Q: I just purchased...Where's My Phoenix Mechs?!
A: Purchased Phoenix Mechs will appear in your Mech Lab after the next Maintenance period. Regular maintenance occurs Tuesdays and Fridays starting at 10am PDT.

Q: Has a sale end date been announced yet (given that Project Phoenix purchases have been delivered)?
A: Project Phoenix and Saber Reinforcements will no longer be available for purchase after December 3, 2013 at 23:59 UTC.

Q: What can I do if I have encountered a problem with my purchase?
A: Please contact support@mwomercs.com and our Game Masters will be happy to help you out.

Q: Where am I able to select my House faction?
A: You can select your house faction medallion(s) here... however, the choice is final once you pick. So choose wisely!

Q: Is there an opportunity to upgrade my package?
A: Yes, you may upgrade your package for the duration of the sale.

Q: Can packages be gifted to others? Ie. Can I buy this for a friend?
A: Not at this time.

Q: What type of added benefit will existing Founders receive upon purchase of any Project Phoenix package?
A: Great news for Founders, as a purchase of any of these packs will reward Founders with a unique and exclusive hanging cockpit item displaying their specific Founder's tier in the item's design.

Note: This item will be injected into the game on Oct. 29th.

Q: When are Phoenix Loyalty Rewards made available?
A: All unlocked rewards were delivered on October 15th. Any purchases made after initial delivery will have their rewards injected on the following Friday or Tuesday after purchase. (Whichever comes first!)

The Saber bonus rewards will be released on December 17th.

Q: What is a custom forum color and what does it look like?
A: Much like the Founders colors, players who purchase the Project Phoenix Mech Packages will get a unique icon color and title to stand out on the forum.

Q: If I am also a Founder, can I choose between my founders forum badge and Project Phoenix forum badge?
A: Yes, similar to how you are currently able to change your forum avatar, you will be able to choose to show your Project Phoenix Package Icon. Changing your In-Game badge will be possible once that functionality is added to the game.

Q: Will Founders receive their unique cockpit hanging item on October 15th along with all other package contents?
A: The Founder's unique item was not included in the October 15th rewards release. It is slated to be released on October 29th.

Q: Will the entire collection of items in each package (ie - Mechs, Badges, Medallions etc) be delivered all on the same date or will different items be provided at different dates?
A: All package contents will be delivered on Oct 15th.

Q: How are the Phoenix Battlemechs cosmetically and functionally different from the Mechs already in-game?
A: The Phoenix Variants of each Project Phoenix Battlemech comes packed with the following cosmetic and functional perks:
Unique and Exclusive Custom Designed Exterior
30% C-Bill boost
10% Loyalty Point Boost
Important! These Phoenix Variants will NEVER again be available to purchase or to unlock once the sale offer has ended.

Q: What is the difference between a Phoenix and Standard Variant ?
A: The Standard Variants of each Project Phoenix Mech will not carry any of the Phoenix Variant cosmetic or functional benefits, as seen in the answer above.

Q: Are the Project Phoenix Phoenix Variant and Standard Variant Mechs customizable in the areas of exterior cosmetic changes, loadout changes and/or cockpit customizations?
A: The Camo Spec, Loadout and cockpit customizations can all be user-selected and changed for the Phoenix BattleMechs and their Standard Variants.

Q: Do I need empty Mechbays before I can purchase this package?
A: Great news - each Project Phoenix package comes with the precisely the necessary number of additional Mech Bays in order to house your newly purchased Mechs.

Q: Can I sell my Project Phoenix or Standard Variant Mechs?
A: Project Phoenix Mechs are locked to their MechBay and can't be sold. Standard Variants may be sold normally, freeing their MechBay for use with another Mech.

Q: Which types of payments do you accept?
A: We currently accept most major payment options through our current payment system. Availability varies by country.

Q: Will I be able to choose which Mech is included in my package? Can I switch it later?
A: Project Phoenix packages contain predefined contents and thus cannot be mixed-and-matched.

Q: Will this be available Worldwide?
A: Yes, except where prohibited by law.

Q: When will the Standard Variants be purchasable with C-bills or MC?
A: For those who do not Buy a Project Phoenix Package - The Standard Variants release schedule is currently set as:
Oct 15, 2013: Locust : Released!
Nov 20, 2013: Shadowhawk : Released!
Dec 18, 2013: Thunderbolt
Jan 22, 2014: Battlemaster

Premium Time
Q: What is "Premium Time" and how does it benefit me?
A: Premium Time applies an additional 50% of gained XP and additional 50% of gained C-Bills while active, per game played. It is a powerful and time-saving method to advance and empower your Mechs with new abilities and upgrades.

Q: Was the 'early bird' benefit of 30 Days Premium Time also awarded on Oct 15th?
A: No, the 30 Days Premium Time from the early bird special was awarded if you purchased your Project Phoenix Package on or before July 25.

Q: Will I be able to choose when to begin my Premium Time?
A: Yes, all package-related Premium Time, including the ‘early bird’ Premium time benefit, will be added to your banked Premium Time. Any previously banked Premium Time will be combined with the new Premium Time; a button in the client allows the one-time activation of all your banked Premium Time.

Q: If I already have Premium Time activated on my account, will I still have the option to begin my Project Phoenix Premium Time at my discretion?
A: Yes, if you're currently enjoying activated Premium Time, you will still have the option of starting your banked Premium Time after your current time has expired.

Q: What if I don’t activate my ‘early bird’ 30 days premium time before October 15?
A: No problem, we'll add any Premium Time from your Project Phoenix package to your banked Premium Time on your account. Ie. Players who purchase the Overlord package and choose not to use their ‘early bird’ Premium Time right away, will have 120 days of Premium Time in their bank on October 15 when Project Phoenix packages are awarded. Note that all banked Premium Time is combined, and once activated the timer countdown will commence.

Loyalty Points
Q: What are Loyalty Points?
A: Loyalty Points are part of the upcoming Community Warfare expansion. Players will be able to work with and/or pledge allegiance to one of the major factions within the game's universe. Loyalty Points are earned by doing a variety of activities within the game. Players will have a pooled loyalty rank value per in-game faction. As the player performs specific actions they will earn loyalty points which are added or removed from these individual faction rank pools. Loyalty Point boosts increase the positive earning of points in these individual boosts. Earning a high level of rank with anyone one faction, earns the player access to specific faction content and economic benefits. Further details will be revealed with upcoming announcements on Community Warfare.

Q: Does the Phoenix Bronze Faction Medallion ‘Loyalty Boost’ of 2.5%, stack together with the 10% Loyalty Boost when using a Phoenix BattleMech?
A: Yes – giving a total of 12.5% Loyalty Boost per match when using a Phoenix BattleMech that is equipped with a Faction Medallion.

Q: If my Phoenix Package comes with multiple Bronze Faction Medallions, Is it possible to choose the same medallion more than once?
A: Yes. You can make your selections here!

Q: Can I purchase the Phoenix Bronze Faction Medallion in the MechLab?
A: No. The Bronze Faction Medallions are exclusively available to Phoenix purchasers and may only be selected here. These are different from the standard Faction Medallions available in the MechLab.

Q: I have the Guardian or Overlord tier but I didn't receive my Premium Time. What's going on?
A: The Premium Time included in the Guardian and Overlord tiers was delivered with the Mechs and other assets on October 15th 2013.

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