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Launch Module Update

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Posted 02 May 2014 - 03:55 PM

On the April 29th patch the Launch Module feature was released and with it updates to the game’s matchmaker. These matchmaking changes included 3/3/3/3 which is a restriction to ensure each team has the composition of 3 light Mechs, 3 medium Mechs, 3 heavy Mechs and 3 assault Mechs. Also we added another new restriction to ensure that each team could have at most 1 group. For those of you who participated in the Public Test with these changes, you’ll know that the testing of these matchmaker changes was successful, with a large number of our participants enjoying the format of the matches.

Unfortunately, after the April 29th patch went live, we were forced to disable both of these changes due to problems the matchmaker began to experience under our production load. In addition to disabling these changes, another bug was discovered, in which users in the 12 user group queue were being incorrectly matched with users in the solo/2-4 user group queue.

This week we have been very busy working on fixing these problems to get them back out for everyone in the May 6th patch.

Here is the current status update:

The bug involving the 12 user group queue matching with solo/2-4 user group queues has been identified and confirmed fixed and will be in the May 6th patch

A problem with the single group per team feature of the matchmaker was identified and fixed and will be in the May 6th patch. This feature of the matchmaker will be re-enabled; however, it will be monitored closely. In case problems with the matchmaker arise again, we may be forced to disable it.

The 3/3/3/3 restriction created larger queue sizes (as predicted) on production; however, this highlighted a flaw in the underlying implementation that wasn’t known prior. We hope to have this issue solved as soon as possible, and will update the community with a date when it becomes available.

We thank everyone for their patience as we work on bringing 3/3/3/3 and the 1 group per team features of the matchmaker back online.

Please leave your feedback about this update in the Official Feedback Thread. Thank you!

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