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Matchmaker Update

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Posted 06 June 2014 - 01:48 PM


In the latest Vlog, I stated that I would update everyone on the status and ETA of the next MM update within two weeks. although I think I have a few more days until that deadline I wanted to get you at least a minor update on the MM progress before the end of week.

In short, Karl Berg has been working on the Matchmaker rewrite these past couple of weeks and things are going well. In fact, I can confirm that internally we are testing out 3/3/3/3 (4x3) well beyond anything that went live previously. In fact, I would declare that aspect to be complete and working.

At this point Karl is working on some stretch goals concerning tonnage matching and Clan 'mech matching. We are quite confident we can test and release a new Matchmaker containing at least 4x3 the patch after the clan release.

There are some bonus grouping items that we're currently developing and testing that might be a part of the same initial release, though I am going to hold those closer to my chest a little longer until we complete our testing.

Bottom line, I am very pleased to report that we should see a new MM release much sooner than I was initially hoping, Target is set as the patch after the Clans!

You can comment here: http://mwomercs.com/...pdate-feedback/ Thanks MechWarriors!

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