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Patch Notes - 1.3.299 - 17-Jun-2014

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Posted 17 June 2014 - 10:15 AM

Attention MechWarriors,

This is a priority-one update: Hostiles have been encountered across the Periphery. The Clan Invasion has begun.
All MechWarriors are advised to review the Clan 'Mech specification info.
MechWarriors are advised to also ensure they have their desired Faction designation on their profile: https://mwomercs.com/profile/faction
Our thanks to all pilots who participated in last week's Clan Public Test events. Please refer to the list below
Clan Collection holders can follow the link to find out more about the Exclusive Wallpaper and Signed Digital Concept Art: http://mwomercs.com/...-exclusive-art/
Clan Collection and Phoenix Collection holders are also asked to reset their Forum Badge here: https://mwomercs.com/profile/badges

Those who purchase or upgrade their collection after this update should be advised that their Collection items will be injected into their account on the next business day.

  • Clan Collections added: http://mwomercs.com/...specifications/
  • New Modules:
    • Radar Deprivation
      • When moving out of sight, an enemey loses target on you instantly
    • Speed Retention
      • 30% faster movement speed when having lost a leg (Capped at 50kph)
    • Shock Absorbance
      • Absorbs fall damage for:
        • Light Mechs by 80%
        • Medium Mechs by 60%
        • Heavy Mechs by 30%
        • Assault Mechs by 10%
    • AMS Overload
      • Increases AMS rate of fire by 10%
    • Enchanced NARC
      • Increases speed, tag duration, and EMP.
    • New Standing Cockpit Items:
      • Ghost Bear Mug
      • Jade Falcon Mug
      • Smoke Jaguar Mug
      • Wolf Mug
  • Turret health reduced from 100 hit points to 60 hit points
  • Reduced damage for Clan and IS machineguns (From 0.1 to 0.08) to compensate for hit detection fixes that increase the number of successful hits.
  • Holding down the fire key no longer auto-fires UAC shots, you must release the fire key and explicitly press it again to fire all your shots.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem with SRMs where they would sometimes deal no damage.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when beginning to connect to match after searching for a public match
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur while in the private match lobby, or when launching from a private match lobby
  • Fixed HUD animation stall for lock on reticle
  • Fixed issue where players would rarely lose connection and kicked back to the login screen
  • Fixed issue with lasers where they would sometimes deal less than their full dps even when target is consistently hit
  • Fixed issue with machine guns where they would sometimes deal less than their full dps even when target is consistently hit
  • Fixed situation where high latency causes missile lock to pause.
  • Fixed an issue where players who cancelled matchmaking would appear in match as 'NoPilot'.
  • The following list includes fixes to various issues mentioned by players during the first or second Clan Public Test:
    • Reduced Clan Warhorns radius reduced from 500m to 100m.
    • Corrected Artemis upgrade effect on Clan missiles.
    • Added incoming missile indicator for Clan LRMs and Clan SSRM.
    • Fixed bug where volleys of C-Ultra AC/10 and Ulta AC/20 were not dealing damage.
    • Fixed weapon collision for Kit Fox limbs.
    • Fixed collision for the legs of the Dire Wolf.
    • Fixed hitboxes for thigh's of the Nova.
    • Added missing Arm and Hand actuators from the KFX-C right arm.
    • Corrected issue of LB-10X not having effect beyond 360m.
    • Adjusted long hanging cockpit items to prevent clipping in Warhawk.
    • Adjusted tall standing cockpit items to prevent clipping in Warhawk and Direwolf
    • Adjusted third-person camera on Adder, Dire Wolf Kit Fox, Timber Wolf and Warhawk.
    • Added textures for destroyed Kit Fox components
    • Added yellow decal for flamer on Summoner D right arm.
    • Increased VFX differentiation between Clan NARC and IS NARC.
    • Revised art for Clan Coolant Shot Meter.
    • Added missing texture art for Polygon camo
    • Added colouring to positive and negative quirks.
We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

- The MechWarrior® Online™ Team

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