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An Api To Setup Private Matches


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#1 Ted The Prussian Striker


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Posted 07 August 2014 - 10:05 AM

Given the fact that we have to wait for CW a little longer, I was thinking of creating a campaign editor online.

As a starter, the app would have to:

* select players from the playerbase (not an issue, I guess, but could require federation support)
* Create matches on the MWO side
* Check the outcome of these matches

Additional features could be:
* Detailed rule setup (what mechs to play with etc.)
* Detailed status report (damage, ammo etc.)

Campaigns would be simple templates. Player would opt to play one campaign by playing every match one after the other with some possibly scripted results.

Is that something PGI would want to support?

#2 Fire and Salt


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Posted 07 August 2014 - 03:37 PM

A simplified version of this, that would accomplish some of the intended effects:

Have a private match option to "log scoreboard"

this would create a .txt / xml / some file on the players HDD that contained:

-All of the scoreboard info
-Any readily available info, that is not displayed on the scoreboard. Most useful, would be the exact amount of damage and destroyed components that were done to each mech, along with ammo used. This would allow league systems to implement their own version of repair/rearm/salvage if they so desired. Ideally, this would not include weapon location or armor location, just the total amount that were left intact, and the amount that were destroyed.
-Possibly the ingame messages, like "Bob Killed Fred" and "Fred Disconnected" and General (non team) chat.

Honestly, there are not THAT many parameters that need to be selected when starting a map... i think getting the pilots in their mechs takes longer than picking the map and gametype. Not that it wouldn't be cool, but it can be done by hand. There is no way to get repair/rearm info by hand, unfortunately.

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#3 Jon Cunningham

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Posted 07 August 2014 - 03:53 PM

Those are definitely things we want to do. We're totally aware of how amazingly awesome it would be to offer those options.

They won't be in right away, of course, and we do need to figure out our security model before we can commit.

#4 Fire and Salt


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Posted 26 August 2014 - 07:19 AM

The more I think about it, the more I feel like having a full report on all mechs, including their exact load out, would be ideal. Additionally, showing what is damaged at the end would be amazing. Even for destroyed mechs, there is differing salvage potential when a mech is smashed in all locations, as opposed to simply losing both legs.

This would enable leagues to enforce things such as:
- Enforcing stock mechs.
- Enforcing limited customization (ex. Locking the armor for omnis)
- Tracking resources.
- Allowing factions within a league to spend R&D to create their own unique variants, and then enforcing those. (This would be cooler than a simple 'force stock' option in many ways.)

I have been trying to think of how best to run/create such a league. Maybe my ideas can help you with developing your security model.

I think one good logging option would be to share full info with your own team.
Basically, each team gets an overall scoreboard report, and then a specific breakdown of their own mech exact load outs and damage sustained to specific components.

Included in each teams scoreboard report is a hash code for the full report.

In this way, a league could accept the reports from each team, and then recompute the hash, to verify that neither team falsified their results.

The league could verify that each team used legal builds, without compromising specific information to the enemy team.

I wonder if anyone else has any ideas for such a system. I think a key factor is that full information needs to be made available to league admins, without giving it away to the enemy team. (Let the leagues decide what info to share and how.)

Another way would be that the players share a key with the league admins that somehow allows access to info from all private matches.
In this case, only info on the players personal mech would be needed, as the league would just need a token for all players.
The overall scoreboard could be included, along with a unique game ID, and that would be sufficient to allow a league to reconstruct the complete match data(with cooperation from all 24 players), without forcing any players to share their load out info with their foes.

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#5 Night Fury76


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Posted 02 September 2014 - 01:07 PM

I've asked for a read only text/xml version of the end of match report, but it's been given the "we have bigger fish to fry".
But a simple xml output to something like a google drive will allow the user to share the 'key' with whoever they want to see their stats.

I totally understand PGI's stance and am happy watching these threads for development.

On a side note, I'm a newbie asp.net programmer and would love to write some code for you guys to gain practice.
So if anyone in this thread wants to chat about ideas etc, that would be great.
I can Host the pages so you guys can just iframe them inside your existing sites if you want?


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