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Trouble Buying Wave Ii? Read This!

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Posted 19 September 2014 - 03:28 PM

Hey MechWarriors,

Here are some solutions for those who have experienced issues with purchases!

Players who have purchased Wave 1 or Wave 2 items who have not received formal confirmation from us should now be able to confirm the reception of their order by accessing the Preorders section of their MechWarrior Online site Profile.

We have finished processing all of the outstanding transactions we are aware of. For anyone waiting on confirmation, please check here: http://mwomercs.com/profile/preorders to ensure your transaction has completed.

From now own, it should be fast and easy to purchase Wave Two packages. Thank you for your patience. If anyone else is still having issues, let us know!

If you are encountering other transaction errors involving basic site functionality or Credit Card and Paypal processing – such as declined cards or invalid Paypal credentials – or if you still do not see your purchased items in the Pre-Orders page of your Profile, please continue reading.

If the Buy buttons are not functional or are listing JavaScript ‘void’ errors, please: If you are receiving Paypal credential errors even though you know the information to be correct:
  • You likely have 2-step verification in place on your Paypal account. If you access your account and temporarily disable the verification, you should be able to process the Paypal purchase. Just be sure that you remember to restore the 2-step verification you had in place after you complete and confirm the purchase, as we strongly advocate these systems and are making every effort to restore their functionality with our payment processing provider.
If you still do not see any of your purchased items in the Pre-Orders page of your Profile after either receiving payment confirmation from Paypal or seeing a completed transaction entry in an online bank statement:
  • Please contact support@mwomercs.com with any relevant information - such as a screenshot of your Paypal transaction receipt - and we will investigate the nature of your issue.
If your Credit Card was Declined, despite having valid credit:
- It is highly likely that as a result of our transition to a new payment processing provider the transaction was held or declined by your bank. Please get in direct contact with your bank to confirm that the transaction was held or fully declined, and let them know that your transaction was intended. They may require that you process another transaction, so please confirm this with them as well.

Please be assured that we are continuing to resolve ongoing transaction issues on a case-by-case basis, and that your issues are not being ignored.

Please direct any follow up questions to our post in General Discussion here.

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