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Clan Nova Cat Alpha Galaxy: Oceanic Cluster Recruitment

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Posted 24 November 2014 - 09:09 PM

Posted Image

A pouncing cat stalks the hunting cat

roar the two engage in a death's embrace

the coiled serpent crushes both

A pouncing cat stalks the hunting cat

with care, the pouncing cat watches

the coiled serpent crushes the hunting cat

a new star is born

-- The Remembrance, Passage 374, Verse 3, Lines 17-24

Clan Nova Cat's Alpha Galaxy is forged from the 58th Strike Cluster, the origin of rebirth. The 3rd Nova Cat Guard, the bulwark of our purity. The 37th Assault Cluster, the extension of our will.

Through the fog, the Nova Cat's vision saw that a new star shall rise to join them.

The 88th Storm Cluster. the Oceanic Watch.

The vision saw of warriors being felled in the night, a tidal wave of aggression storming the Nova Cats when it was least expected. Which is why, born with the sharp mind, measured purpose and the hunter's patience intrinsic to all warriors of Clan Nova Cat, "The Oceanic Watch" is destined to further the honour of Clan Nova Cat. Swearing an Oath to protect and hold when the the situation is most dire, against enemies seen and unseen, never to break and never to falter.

A Nova Cat warrior must uphold all this, as well as the honor of the individual and, by extension, the Clan. The battlefields may be shrouded by fog, but a Nova Cat's vision pierces the veil revealing the true path towards victory.

What you should know:

The 88th Storm Cluster is Clan Nova Cat; Alpha Galaxy's official Oceanic Cluster.
We are currently 16 strong, mostly playing at UTC +08.00. We have members from Singapore, Japan, Australia and Italy and are always looking to add to our numbers.

We hold up the Clan Nova Cat: Alpha Galaxy ideals - a perfect blend of the casual and the competitive. We're a relaxed group who enjoys talking our share of junk, but know when to tighten up and focus as well.

We will focus mainly on training and community warfare in the near-future, working hand-in-hand with the other 3 clusters of Clan Nova Cat: Alpha Galaxy.

We are a fairly busy group, who understand real-life comes first.

If you have any questions just leave them as a comment below, or message me here or in-game (my in-game name is makbeer, as well).

The Application:

If you're interested in joining our touman, visit http://cncalpha.enjin.com and fill out the form. Please specify that you're interested in joining the 88th Storm Cluster.

Thank you.

Star Commander makbeer
Clan Nova Cat Alpha Galaxy
88th Storm Cluster "The Oceanic Watch"

Visit Us

Voice Communications Center

Diplomatic Connection:

If you are a member of another Clan or Unit and want to have diplomatic clearance, the following link will direct you to the diplomat signup page. Afterwhich, you can freely post in the appropriate section of our forums. Also, if you're another unit in the Oceanic timezone looking to practice with a clan unit, please let us know we are always open to working together.


Sorry just realised I posted this in the wrong sub-forum, mods please shift into recruitment if possible thank you.

Edited by makbeer, 24 November 2014 - 09:26 PM.

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Posted 08 March 2015 - 07:17 PM

Should update this makbeer.

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