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Posted 05 September 2015 - 06:56 AM

View PostTrondheim Live Daily Report, on 04 September 2015 - 09:17 PM, said:

Rumor has it that the FRR tried to negotiate with Clan Wolf to bring down Ghost Bear, who though numerically inferior appears to be FRR's greatest threat according to its military leaders. It was these failed negotiations that forced the FRR to invade Wolf first, in an attempt to cover up from the other Inner Sphere Houses that they negotiated with Clans. TL,DR must emphasize that at this time, these are only rumors and not proven fact, but reliable sources are scrambling to put together evidence to support this theory. Should they prove true, they may prove damning for the FRR's leadership, which has held itself to the highest standard of "never negotiate with Clans" since the atrocities of the First Wave.

Pshh unfounded rumor!

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Posted 05 September 2015 - 10:36 AM

Disheartening to see an unfounded rumor be spread by a reputable media outlet!

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Posted 07 September 2015 - 06:26 AM

From the Front Lines:

Backfired: FRR Beaten Back
September 7th, 3050

FRR's early offensive against Clan Wolf, seeking to take down their greatest threat before it had a chance to gather strength, has regrettably backfired. While the Eridani Light Horse still has five attacks ongoing that are indeterminate at this time, all of the attacks by the FRR have ended in failure; some disastrously. Reports are scattered as to how the FRR's elite frontline units were defeated, but our analysts and experts have determined it to be, "a mix of of bold strategies, coupled with superior technology and brazen offensive drives." The FRR will return to its holdings on the border, where Clan Wolf has launched its own attacks in retaliation. With such bitter defeats, history has shown that the KungsArme will only be spurred on rather than demoralized.

Furthermore, our field reports have determined that the allegations of negotiation between the FRR and Clan Wolf were, in fact, unfounded.

Elsewhere in the Inner Sphere:

-Wolf's Dragoons has formed Military Alliances with most if not all of the major Inner Sphere Houses, which begs the question: Who will they fight for?

-The FedCom's Tamar and Skye Marches are in combat with the Draconis Combine and Clan Jade Falcon respectably. While the combat with the DCMS looks to be only a border dispute, Jade Falcon seems to be aiming to take a little more than 'just off the top' from the FedCom.

The Trondheim Live, Daily Report will now begin covering the Community Run Net BattleTech League. All posts, unless otherwise stated, from here on out will be a part of this new line of history. Odin save the FRR.


Have any war stories to share? The TL,DR is looking to share them! Send us a message detailing the accounts of the front lines and we'll do our best to bring your tale to the masses!

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Posted 09 September 2015 - 09:23 PM

From the Front Lines:

FRR Trades Blows with Ghost Bears
September 9th, 3050

Still reeling from the failures against Clan Wolf, the KungsArme was given little reprieve as Clan Ghost Bear struck two worlds, testing the waters in the wake of the recent defeats. This time Trondheim and Susquehanna came under assault from Ghost Bear's Revenants Galaxy and Black Watch Galaxy respectively. Since the initial invasion of the peripheral worlds, this marks the first time an FRR world has been attacked by a Clan.

The Revenants Galaxy, the most Green - yet still reliable - Galaxy of the Ghost Bear "touman", launched a heavy assault on the planet Trondheim, winning a bid against its fellow galaxies by refusing to bid for the next offensive push, along with other lesser conditions. 8 Clan mechs dropped onto the outskirts of the port and planetary Capital Misby Flats, facing off against some of the KungsArmé’s best garrison forces. Quickly though the battle fell into a lull - dropping in at 2200 hours, the enemy Clan Mechs were cautious in their approach, unable to discern their size or strength of the KungsArme forces, who frequently shifted formations to confuse the Clanners throughout the night. While an enemy light made a near-fatal error when running into the enemy force, he was able to escape with minor damage.

The Bears were initially unwilling to press the issue, preferring, as they claim, to wait for their enemy to face them in the open. However, with time ticking on and the sun already rising, the Bears finally pressed their luck and pushed to the well-known Citadel of Misby Flats. Fighting quickly broke out as KungsArme forces engaged, and lasers hissed across the open courtyard, with AutoCannons barking their reply. In the brief confusion of the fight, the KungsArme managed to flank the Clan Mechs, catching them off-guard and forcing them to scramble to reform their firing line. Close-quarters combat quickly broke out in the newly refurbished warehouse district, and spread into the open water. However, after the fierce fighting boiled down, it was the Ghost Bears who were victorious, losing only two of their fellow mechwarriors in the process. Galaxy Commander Damon Howe was caught in the middle of the fighting organizing the Clan's rally and his Mech's legs were quickly cut out from under him. Word is he survived the fighting, though may have more of a reason to skip bidding in the meantime.

The Bears quickly went on a raiding spree, targeting the nearby warehouses before expanding deeper into the city, their DropShips landing to take on cargo. Even the Trondheim Live, Daily Report's storage lockers were raided in the Commercial District, and much of our backup broadcasting equipment was lost.

Silver lining - several thousand traditional newspapers we couldn't get rid of were also not only taken, but actually bought and paid for! I guess those Bears aren't so bad after all if they know quality publishing when they see it!

The story was different on Susquehanna. Despite facing the Black Watch Galaxy, reputed as some of the toughest warriors the Clan has to offer, the KungsArme pulled out a victory and forced the Clan off-planet. The battle was engaged when both sides met in force in the tunnels beneath the main city. Despite having vastly superior technology and Mechs, the Ghost Bears met the KungsArme Mechs at extremely close-range, which was unfortunate for them. Even with three Assault Mechs, the sheer number of Hunchbacks and Firestarters thrown at them was enough to topple the scariest weapons of war this side of Outreach. The Clan's lights engaged the KungsArme almost immediately after, but by then the outcome was already decided.

The Black Watch Galaxy, for the honor of the fight, reportedly bid away three Mechs instead of matching the KungsArmé forces; this proved disastrous in the end. While the Clans certainly had the firepower, the lack of Mechs and close-quarters combat proved their undoing.

While the KungsArme celebrate their first resounding victory, leaders err on the side of caution and send Mercenaries to reinforce the planet, so they can concentrate their forces on Clan Wolf. The Bears may think twice about attacking fresh troops so soon after a battle, but with their honor on the line by comparison to other Clans, that seems unlikely.

Elsewhere in the Inner Sphere:

-Wolf's Dragoons launches reconnaissance missions into Ghost Bear territory on the heels of their offensive against the FRR. Wolf's Dragoons has lost several guerilla raids against unknown targets, and perhaps is trying to obtain more information for their employers.

-Clan Wolf and Eridani Light Horse fought on the Clan's world's, resulting in several losses. The Light Horses succeeded where their employers failed, capturing many Clan Mechs to hopefully help turn their own weapons against them. One raid did fail, so the effort was not a complete success.

-The FedCom's Skye March posted numerous victories against the Draconis Combine Alshain MD, greatly impacting the effectiveness of troop movement as several guerilla units are still on some of their planets, threatening the planetary industry.

-Clan Jade Falcon was wildly successful with its assault on the Tamar March, even causing the planets of Apollo and Somerset to fall into a state of political chaos. While the Tamar March is sending troops to quell the uprising, Jade Falcon still has other ongoing engagements.

-The bold move by the Outworlds Alliance to steal Mechs behind the back of the FedCom paid off, with two planets producing a sizable reward for the fledgling military.

The Trondheim Live, Daily Report will now begin covering the Community RunNet BattleTech League. All posts, unless otherwise stated, from here on out will be a part of this new line of history. Odin save the FRR.


Have any war stories to share? The TL,DR is looking to share them! Send us a message detailing the accounts of the front lines and we'll do our best to bring your tale to the masses!

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Posted 18 September 2015 - 10:57 AM

Intercepted Transmissions from Clan Ghost Bear on Trondheim:

Jungle, East of Misby Flats
Free Rasalhague Republic
17 September 3050

"In the name of Aleksandr Kerensky, you screeching stravag idiot," Galaxy Commander MostLikely2Suck cursed. "What do you mean, 'the barbarians are taking defensive positions in the city'?"

"Exactly what I said, Galaxy Commander." The warrior, a blonde female wearing the red and gold collar flashes of a Star Commander, snapped back. She was unimpressed by her superior's outburst. "I saw it with my own eyes. The barbarian mercenaries are hiding near social, economic and military structures. It is my belief that they mean to destroy whatever they cannot prevent us from getting."

"How are their sentries disposed?" MostLikely2Suck barked, turning the electronic mapbox toward her.

"They have a few infantrymen standing guard on the compound itself, here, here and here," she replied, indicating different spots along the perimeter of the factory complex. "There are eight BattleMechs that I saw within the compound, and they seemed to be powered up and ready to move on a moment's notice. In addition, there is at least a full Cluster's worth of combat-capable machines in there too."

"Freebirth." MostLikely2Suck drew the profanity out into a hiss. "I had hoped to raid the factory to get ammunition and materials."

"Galaxy Commander," she said, gently taking the mapbox out of her superior's hands. "If it is a supply raid you are planning, may I suggest this?" After manipulating a few controls, she passed the device back to MostLikely2Suck.

"The mercenaries seem to be the Northwind Highlanders. They have grounded their DropShips five kilometers away from the factory complex, presumably to keep them out of the fighting should we muster an urban engagement. I realize that we have but three Trinaries worth of 'Mechs at our disposal, but I suggest we divide our force and launch two simultaneous attacks. The first, and smallest, force would attack their DropShips just outside of River City. That would draw at least some of their 'Mechs away from the factory. Then the larger force could move against the remaining barbarians, eliminate whatever holding force they leave at the complex, and seize the supplies."

For a few moments, MostLikely2Suck said nothing. He stared at the mapbox, with his arms folded across his chest. His eyes flickered across the flowing screen, as through he were mentally calculating distances, response times, possible troop movement, and the like. Finally he looked up.

"Very well, Star Commander. We will undertake your plan." MostLikely2Suck waved another officer closer, indicating that he should look at the mapbox. "Star Colonel Pisceszero, you will lead the diversionary attack on the Highlander landing zone. I will give you one Trinary's worth of 'Mechs. You are to overrun any security force the barbarians may have left on guard ships and attack the grounded DropShips directly. Inflict as much damage as you can. If we can cripple or destroy some of those savashri freebirth vessels, so much the better. You must give the Highlanders the impression that they are under full attack and are in danger of losing all of their ships. They myst be convinced to pull the bulk of their force away from the factory, leaving it vulnerable to our attack. I will command the main attack myself, with the remaining two Trinaries."

The Star Commander felt a pride swelling in her chest that she had not known in many years. The Galaxy Commander had accepted her plan wholesale.

"When the Highlanders move to counterattack at the landing zone, we will move in," MostLikely2Suck continued. "Once the facility is in our hands, technicians and any dismounted MechWarriors will seize whatever transports there may be at the complex, load them with supplies, and withdraw. We will carry off as much material as we can and destroy the rest."

MostLikely2Suck rose, dusted off the seat of his uniform trousers, and addressed the warriors gathered around him.

"Remember, all of you, this is a guerrilla raid. You are free to use your energy weapons as much as your heat sinks will permit, but fire any ammo consumption weapons sparingly. Keep damage to the city at a minimum. Now, go and brief your warriors. We will move out in thirty minutes."
--- Transmission Break : Reacquiring Signal ---
...From his position, half concealed beneath a vine covered tree, Darklight watched as a quartet of medium BattleMechs patrolled just outside the torn and broken fence surrounding the Misby Flats factory complex. Just over three hundred meters away, the tall, humanoid machines moved slowly, as though they were armored giants out to take the late night air. The rest of the compound was dark and silent. Tactical doctrine said that the best time for a surprise attack was between the hours of oh-three-hundred and oh-five-hundred. That was the time when the average human's physiological and mental cycles were at their lowest ebb. Darklight glanced at his Stormcrow's chronograph. Its pale green numbers read 0356. In a few moments, Star Colonel Pisceszero would be launching his attack, and then...

Suddenly lights snapped on inside the factory complex, followed by a whirlwind of movement. In the ghostly green and black world of his 'Mech's thermal imaging system, he saw the figures of men and women dashing around the compound. Heat bloomed in the power plants of the defender's BattleMechs, as their pilots brought the machines to deadly life. Despite the rising tide of impatience Darklight felt, he held his position. He was under orders not to launch the attack until Galaxy Commander MostLikely2Suck gave the command.

In a rush, dozens of the enemy BattleMechs bolted from the compound, heading eastward toward the DropShip landing zone, shaking the ground with the impact of their running feet.

A click sounded in his ear, signaling an incoming message.

"Stand fast, Star Colonel," Galaxy Commander MostLikely2Suck ordered, over a secure laser based communication link. "Give them enough time to get out of the immediate area."

Before Darklight could acknowledge the order, MostLikely2Suck broke the link.

Quickly, the drum roll thuds of the enemy's running feet faded into the night, and still the order to attack didn't come. Only a dozen or so enemy 'Mechs could be seen within the complex. Darklight selected the nearest of them, an ugly machine called a Wolverine by its Inner Sphere designers. That would be his first target.

His eyes flicked between his tactical display, the spectral image of the enemy 'Mech on her main viewscreen, and the chronograph. Minutes ticked by, and still the order to attack didn't come. Darklight released the joysticks that controlled his 'Mech's movement and targeting, and wiped off sweat on the rough nylon of his cooling vest.

"Star Colonel Darklight, you may attack," MostLikely2Suck's order, although anticipated, was so sudden that, when it came, Darklight jumped.

"Aff, Galaxy Commander."

Darklight punched the control that would bring his targeting computer online. Instantly an orange cross hair snapped into existence on the main viewscreen. A slight flick of the left joystick, and the targeting reticle came to rest over the Wolverine's torso. Darklight paused for half a breath, allowing the computer an extra five seconds to chew on the firing solution, and then caressed the trigger.

A lance of flame three meters long spat from the Stormcrow's arm, as the rapid fire autocannon sent a long stream of orange glowing tracers ripping into the Wolverine's belly.

All around him, the jungle seemed to explode. Lances of laser fire and jagged bolts of man made lightning from particle projection cannons clawed out of the darkness to swat at the NWH 'Mechs.

Darklight saw the Wolverine reel from his sudden, unexpected assault, but he knew the fifty-five ton machine was tougher than that. He heard the hollow clank as a new cassette of armor-piercing shells dropped into the Ultra AutoCannon's breech mechanism. The "ready" indicator on the weapons status display flashed green. Again he turned the gun at the NWH 'Mech, which was starting to turn to face the surprise attack. Small explosions danced across the Wolverine's right arm and torso, leaving holes in the tough armor protecting the 'Mech's portside missile launcher.

This time, the enemy warrior was not taken by surprise, nor did he stagger under the assault. Instead, he turned to face the onslaught. A sharp, whooping tone ripped at Darklight's ear, indicating that the enemy had locked his weapons onto his 'Mech. Yellow white flame erupted from the cannons affixed to the Wolverine's right arm, as autocannon fire roared through the night air, eager to savage his already abused 'Mech.

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Posted 24 September 2015 - 07:42 PM

Transmission Decrypted, first hand account of Adverse Reaction, pilot from the Isengrim:
: 'Posted ImageRe: One Battle at a Time

« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2015, 06:08:25 PM »

The Jarl's voice faded into static as he ended his transmission.

How the hell was the old dog able to pilot that Hunchback? Those burns... by Odin, those burns. By all rights the Jarl should be dead. From what the Thegns said, they pulled him out covered in spilled coolant. The coolant was enough to put the fire out but it wasn't much cooler than the flames. The only reason he wasn't dead was that the flames were doused before he inhaled them and seared his lungs.

Brandis shook his head as fell into ranks with the rest of the small detachment he was assigned to. As he shook he noticed a note pinned to his heatsink monitor.

Got the new engine installed. She's fast. Bring her back in one piece

He smiled to himself. Sam was barely able to outfit the Hunchies before the clanners were spotted. He pushed down a bit and accelerated up the ramp to peak over the saddle of the twin mountains that stood in the middle of the city.

The radio cracked to life

"Contact Charlie 5"

A quick glance at his targeting display showed the red pip moving along the tracks to the vacated train tunnel.

The Jarl came over the radio barking orders to move to intercept in the tunnel. Brandis slammed the stick right and gave her full throttle. The servos whined and the Hunchie pulled him back in the seat.

Damn Sam! She's got some acceleration

He'd have to remember to thank the boys for their hard work and resourcefulness. Taking his position to the right flank of the Jarl, Brandis readied himself for the fight. No matter what they were hitting us with he was ready.

"Warhawk heading into the tunnel"

Brandis pivoted in time to see the entire torso of the Jarl's mech explode. The warhorn trumpeted over the speakers and the the company sprang forward. Without thinking Brandis stepped up to cover the Jarl and hit the trigger for all of his lasers.

The hunch flashed with the pulse of the small pulse laser aray and he could feel the heat hot on his face. His lasers hit the center torso of the Warhawk and melted into the armor.

"ADVERSE! I said legs! Everyone target center torso on Bravo, NOW!!!"

The Jarl's correction to the obvious mistake made Brandis' face burn with embarrassment. Great... First drop out of training and I blow the first shot... He flanked left and torso twisted to check the Jarl. The crazy ******* was walking straight at the three Warhawks with nothing but a medium laser! Brandis' mouth gaped open. He quickly caught hold of himself and lined his next pulse of lasers center mass on the now back peddling enemy mechs. Lasers streaked across the entire company as the Isengrim poured into the tunnel.

The push seemed to work as one of the Warhawks, then another fell.

"Attacks coming in from behind!" Daemon Barked over the comms.

Two Arctic Cheetahs sprinted through the ranks of the Jarl's men peppering laser fire. Brandis picked up another target and pulsed a full volley into it's right leg.

The remaining Warhawk went down and the company of men followed them outside of the tunnel to finish them off.

Suddenly a friendly laser misfired and tore through the weaker back armor of Daemon. The engine blew in a shower of sparks and the auto eject fired the pilot out.

"Watch your damn FIRE! The battle is over, pick your shots!"

Brandis looked around. The battle indeed was over. Smoking husks of mechs lay strewn on the ground. Daemon was wresting with his harness a few hundred meters away. Brandis noticed he was shaking. Shaking but smiling. His first victory, and he would be able to bring the whole mech back to Sam.'

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