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4 Phoenix Mechs And A Medallion!

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Posted 23 December 2014 - 02:23 PM

So whose using the 4 phoenix mechs and medallions to stack LP.

After seeing that the mechs give the LP boost i thought i would give it a shot, its beta after all and we should be trying to see whats viable.

I have managed to maintain 160+ 1000+ games so far and been surprised that my mech refits have done quite well.
Yes the LP bonus has also been welcome, medallion seems to give about 4 lp avg and 50+LP for the 4 mechs.

Locust is the ERL quirk build +2mg 150kmph.
Shadowhawk has ac5 2x srm6 1x srm4 LL 2mg
Thunderbolt has 2x LL 2x ml 2x srm6 3mg
Battlemaster has 2x LPL 1x ac10 5x ml

Pretty sure all are running xl's so yes that can be a problem vs very heavy fire, however the upside is that they all have(besides the locust) high alpha's, with relatively good heat.
This has translated so far into excellent gap stoppers i.e. when a rush is on they stop mechs fast and gain kills pretty nicely without having to think about it to much(srms are so nice) and those mg's seek out crits to finish mechs quicker.

As you can see range is quite balanced and the speed from the xl's translates well for cw.
As a side note the cash is bonus is good too.

So im sure people will argue that they are suboptimal, but i think you'll find that even if they are they arnt as suboptimal as you would think.


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