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Clan Reinforcements FAQ

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Posted 20 January 2015 - 11:47 AM

Q: Where can I buy the Clan Reinforcements Variant 'Mechs?
The 12 new Clan Variants are currently only purchasable through the MWO Gift Store, located here.

Q: Can I redeem a Gift Code on the same account that it was bought with?
Yes, Gift Codes of any type can be bought and redeemed on the same account.

Q: Do these Variants have C-Bill or XP bonus'?
No, these 'Mechs are standard Variants and do not have any bonus features (aside from new hardpoints and quirk configurations).

Q: Can I buy multiples of the same Variant?
Yes, you can buy and redeem multiple instances of the same Variant.

Q: If I want them all do I have to buy them one at a time?
Yes, you need to complete individual transactions for each 'Mech Gift Code you are buying.

Q: When are these Variants going to be added in-game?
All 'Clan Reinforcement' Variants acquired from Gift Codes will be available in-game immediately after redemption of the Gift Code! Once you redeem a 'Clan Reinforcement' Gift Code through the Redeem Portal the 'Mech(s) will be automatically added to your account upon your next log-in.
Please note that if you do not receive all of your eligible 'Mechs upon your initial log-in, you may need to log-out and log-in once more to complete all of the redemptions.

Q: When will these 'Mechs be available in-game for purchase with MC and C-Bills?
The MC and C-Bill release dates for the First 'Clan Reinforcements' wave was April 21st, 2015. These 'Mechs are now available for purchase in-game.
The MC and C-Bill release dates for the 'IS and Clan Reinforcements' wave was June 16th, 2015. These 'Mechs are now available for purchase in-game.

Q: I purchased one of the new Clan Reinforcement Variants and/or redeemed a Gift Code to my account, but I can't purchase the new Variant OmniPod(s) in-game for use with my other Variants of the same 'Mech type.
Standard purchasing of these new Clan Reinforcement Variant OmniPods will roll-out on April 21st when the new Variants are available for in-game purchase.
In the meantime, you can remove the OmniPod from the new Variant if you wish to equip it onto another Variant of the same 'Mech type.

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