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February Roadmap

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Posted 02 February 2015 - 10:47 AM

As we look back on January I am fairly happy with what we were able to get patched into the game after coming back from a Christmas vacation. The January 20th patch saw the release of same faction grouping, improvements in the way call to arms works, the new 3 battle windows to better include other world regions.

Now I am excited to focus on February, here is what we know so far:

Queue Info changes - This represents further refinements to the Planet Info and Lobby screens to more clearly show players relevant queue information. For instance you will be able to see if all the current 15 zones are already being fought over and if there are additional strike teams queued up beyond that. This will allow a unit to better determine if they should also queue up or look to a different planet since they may not currently be needed or fully utilized on the initial planet. This represents ongoing changes to improve player information.

Released Feb 3rd patch.

Counter Attacks - When defending territory that you have taken as an attacker you will no longer play invasion game move but a new one were calling Counter attack. In this game mode the gates are already open, the turrets are not present and the generators including the Omega are offline. Teams will engage in a Skirmish game match to hold the territory.

Win conditions are to destroy the entire enemy team as well as to take out the enemy team’s mobile field base. In an auto win situation the win the condition will be to destroy the mobile field base.

Released Feb 3rd patch.

New CW map - The third Community Warfare map which is themed after Canyon networks themed map is ready for release players should expect some changes via patches after it gets live population testing

Released Feb 3rd patch.

Loyalty Points - The work to properly reward loyalty point packages to players is now complete. This means the complete granting of the bundles first shown to players prior to the release of CW which contains everything from Cbills, MC, Mech bays, Faction cockpit items and Titles.

It should also be noted that this also means properly functioning in game title display for all past and new titles. The titles are selected in the front end UI and will display in game.

Released Feb 3rd patch.

New Champion mech - New Banshee 3M champion.

Released Feb 3rd patch.

Frame rate increase - We are expecting a noticeable frame rate increase with one change that was made; we will be looking post patch to analyze the amount of improvement.

Released Feb 3rd patch.

Faction Chat - Global faction chat with proper turn on and off, block and CSR tracking. If this becomes too much of a problem socially we are prepared to remove it, but our hope is it will become an extremely valuable feature.

Released Feb 17th patch.

VOIP - The long awaited VOIP functionality using the integrated team speak SDK. You will be able to turn this feature on or off as well as to mute and unmute players. Upon release this will be restricted to team chat, not smaller subsets. This is also still due for some technical testing as to the impact if any on game play due to the increased network traffic, so there is a chance it will be delayed if those tests perform poorly.

Released Feb 17th patch.

First Resistance mech's - February see's the release of the Panther and Enforcer battlemech's from the resistance pack to all those who have pre-ordered.

Released Feb 17th patch.

Those items I feel represents an excellent amount of content for the month of February and I look forward to releasing each one.

One future item that I feel is worth mentioning is new Looking For Group functionality that we hope to release in March. This will allow players to browse a list of players that are LFG, add themselves to the list. As well groups will be able to fill up their groups using this window and also set themselves to open group status to allow others to join in.

Thanks for playing and your support.

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