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April Road Map

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Posted 31 March 2015 - 08:17 AM

March summary: Full delivery of the Resistance pack, a new CW map, and a massive amount of bug fixes and improvements to existing systems. Here is what we have in store for you in April.

April will have patches on the 7th and 21st, like in March the first patch will contain more content and the second patch will be primarily focused on bug fixing and polishing of the existing product.


Looking for Group - Another one of those long desired features finally making it's way to MWO. In this screen players can set themselves as looking for group, browse others in the same situation, merge groups and other useful actions. I expect this will help more players experience coordinated team work in both the public group queue and of course Community Warfare.

Released April 7th patch.

New CW map - Name to be announced but it has a forest/mountain theme.

Released April 7th patch.

Urban Mech - Long awaited and famous Urban Mech.

Released April 7th patch.

Important Misc. Items:
- Map name displayed in 60 second countdown in Community Warfare, no more need to count squares.
- Jump Jet animation fixes for worst offending mechs Firestarter, Victor, Enforcer and Timber Wolf.
- Quirks Pass on Clan mechs both new and some iteration on others
- New IS map Algorithm - fixes bugs but also future proof to support upcoming features to CW.
- FXAA Enabled.
- CW maps now accessible from the training grounds.
- Updated repair tool.
- IS will now have one drop tonnage for both IS vs IS and IS vs Clans.
- Fix for excessive particles being rendered as mechs run hot.

Released April 7th patch.

Crash reporting - crash reports can now be sent directly, pop up will ask you if you would like to send the crash report to PGI.

Released April 21st patch. No ETA just yet.

New Patcher - Patcher is going through an extensive improvement

Released April 21st patch.

CW Game mode fix - an improvement will be made that will negate the main advantage large population flooding has on CW. In short the first team into the Queue will no longer determine the game mode being played and their will be equal opportunities given for Invasion and Counter Attack. Complicated and difficult subject to explain that I plan to discuss in real time in an upcoming town hall, for now just know it will be a significant improvement on the fairness of CW.

Released April 21st patch.

Wolverine Champion - Self Explanatory

Released April 21st patch.

Also there will be a significant amount of bug fixes that are far to numerous to list as a portion of the team will be focused on bugs that will be included in the April 21st patch. Anything of significance will be listed in the April 21st patch notes.

One item worth noting is that the new Mech lab HAS entered test, we will provide more updates on it's progress when we have them.

Thanks for playing and your support.

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