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June/july/august Roadmap

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Posted 01 June 2015 - 11:14 AM

This time I have decided to include both June and July in the road map and to update this post when things change or items get added to the list. Here is what we have in store for you in the months of June and July.


June 2nd

New Mechlab - The all new mechlab featuring both column and expanded view styles, also comes with a fix for the long standing Invalid bug. There are still many areas we want to improve including speeding up mech saving time, but this is an amazing start.

New 4th variants for Resistance 1: GHR-5P, PNT-10P, ENF-4P, ZEU-5S - These are only available for early adopter qualifiers. Sometime soon the variants will make their want to the Gift store and spend some time there before becoming available for MC and Cbills.

Reduced volley delay for all Clan AutoCannon/Clan Ultra Autocannons - details in the patch notes. We will continue to consider further changes to Clan AC's.

June 16th

Delivery of the first two Clan Wave 3 'Mechs the Executioner & Ebon Jaguar - It is my current understanding that these will come with fully functioning Faction skins rather than waiting for the final Wave 3 delivery date, look for further updates.

MASC - This patch introduces a new piece of equipment on the Executioner and it will function as described in the most recent town hall with fine tuning of variables still underway.

CW Map changes: improvements to combat both spawn camping and light rushes. What we did was make sure each map had a dedicated Defender spawn area away from the map's objectives. In order to spawn camp attackers would need to specifically ignore map objectives and push into this new area. All drop ships will now hover over the drop area 4 times longer than they use to providing cover to the 'mechs they drop off. Also all drop ships now carry the same 12 ERLL load out and have weapon quirks to shorten cooldown and laser duration. Oh and they will aim for the Center Torso only. We have also placed a new protective shell on the O-Gen objects that have one opening that shows the exposed generator within, this exposed opening is positioned pointing into an open area exposed to the turrets and likely defender positions. The idea is that attacking units which are properly winning the engagement and push themselves into the enemies base may find the O-gens not much harder to destroy then they are currently. But large forces of fast moving light mechs will not be able to circle strafe and shoot the O-Gen from all angles at high speed while avoiding enemy fire. They will be forced to only be able to damage the O-Gen from reduced angles in exposes areas making it much more difficult to ignore enemy mech's.

July 7th

River City overhaul – this has involved both art and code and is a significant piece of work. Slipped one additional patch, but was worth it to set a new bar for maps to follow.

Removed legging stun lock - a mech will still drop to 15 kph when legged but will no longer continue to drop down as it takes damage, it will climb to its new top speed and remain there.

Two new hero mechs - Thunderbolt and Wolverine

Mechlab retrofits - Retrofits are complete for the Awesome, Commando, Dragon and Cicada - also the Centurion gets some minor changes to the look of its main right arm weapon.

Mechlab expanded view for 720p - The Mechlab will now function for 720p resolutions. The Warehouse will roll out from the right hand side which unlocks those resolutions.

July 21st

Arctic Cheetah, Shadowcat and all remaining Wave III content

European Servers - On July 21st we will launch a client with the options to play on European servers.

Note: CW remains on the NA server only for the time being.

We expect these regional servers to open up playing to a significant amount of players that had pings over 200 who chose not to play, we greatly look forward to welcoming them back.

August 4th

Spectator tool improvements
· Spectators can now join via the lobby of a private match, without being granted special access by PGI (aka Tina)
· Two spectators allowed in total
· Improved input and control support
· Complete overhaul of the in-game UI for broadcasters
· Will be able to select ‘Mechs with the cursor
· Improved info/details for the ‘Mech in 3rd person mode
· Mini-map support for broadcasters
· Spectators with Premium Time enabled will count toward the Premium Time requirement for unlocking the elevated features of Private Lobbies.
· 1 player in the Lobby with Premium Time enabled (Spectator or otherwise) unlocks: Tonnage rules, Match Time, View Mode
· 2 players in the Lobby with Premium Time enabled (Spectators or otherwise, any combination) unlocks: Full Teams

This we hope unlocks a start to a lot more tournaments and e-sports mentality for MWO.

UPDATE: This has shifted to Aug 4th

New Mech Select Screen - we are targeting this patch for a new Mech Select screen that incorporates all player feedback and we feel will be another big upgrade to the front end experience in MWO.

Update: Looks awesome!

Oceanic Servers: Servers will go live for this region located in Singapore to start, we felt this would be the best option for helping Australia while unlocking the entire region.

Aug 18th

New Forest Colony - This is the currently targeted date for release of the new Forest Colony map.

Thanks for playing and your support.

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