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Crippling Slow Speed


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#1 Garfuncle


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Posted 03 February 2016 - 03:05 PM

The Cent is just too plain slow (and too big) for a medium mech. To attempt to create a build with STD engines you either accept the utterly abysmal speed which makes you hopelessly easy prey or attempt to create a gimmicky build with ACs where you are too slow to contribute to your team as a medium mech and the best you can do is kill steal. Another 50 tonner, the Crab, displays just how underpowered the Centurion is.

Speed needs to be increased, no iffs ands or buts. Cents need to be mid 80's KPH at least.

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#2 Valfrey


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Posted 08 February 2016 - 06:22 PM

Yeah, the cent is pretty much crap compared to when I last played two years ago. It seems to be the slowest for it's weight class, with terrible hitboxes. I don't even need to worry about people shooting my arms off. They just go straight for the torso now.

#3 Tarl Cabot


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Posted 19 February 2016 - 09:28 AM

What is your build?

All but two have a max engine 275 (89/95kph). The YLW is 300 and D is 390. The crabs max is 325 except 20 which is 350. For the stock cents, yes, they come with 200 engine, but that can be upgraded.

The downfall for most IS mechs is to make anything halfway useful one has to use an ISXL engine for its weight savings but that comes at a price, dying to the loss of a side torso while a comparable clan mech can continue fighting with a loss of 20% speed/heat.

In TT it is partially in line with 3 engine crits/hits, but for MWO there are no actual engine crits. No engine crit from the CT. And in a game that has PPD instead of dice deciding if there is a hit then where there is a hit, having a IS mech die from the loss of a side torso with ISXL means most mechs are sideline more often than not. PGI has the ability to change it where it acts in a similar manner as the C-XL, but instead of negative 20% it could be 30% the IS.

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