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Bj1-Dc Quirk Readjustment


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Posted 25 February 2016 - 02:04 PM


I believe the recent quirk change of decreasing the torso structures of Blackjacks is fair and logical due to the tonnage range of the mech. Yes, it was a little too hard to kill. However it was a good balance from the limited firepower ability it can carry. I believe the structure is fine now but the AC5 quirk should be increase a 5% to compensate for the lower durability of its new structure quirk and low firepower compared to other mechs in its tonnage class.
This extra 5% does not make it overpowering because in order to take full advantage of such quirk you need to sacrifice survivability by installing an XL engine in order to carry enough weapons and ammo to really be a serious threat with ballistics.
The energy range should be kept as it is now because the previous quirk was ridiculous and I actually made a 3 x E Large Laser and 3 x med laser boat that was totally evil for long range engagements such as BOREAL VAULT in community warfare, and we don't want CW to become what it was in the early days, a boring sniper game that took so many players out of playing community warfare.
Anyways, I'd like to thank PGI for bringing us this game. People may ***** about the game, but hey, they don't stop playing it cause its the best mechwarrior game that I have ever played. (and i have played..... too much from too long ago, and not planning on stopping soon.)

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