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Supply Cache Clarification

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Posted 12 May 2016 - 10:01 AM

The original entry in this Road Map for the upcoming Supply Cache feature met with some understandable resistance from the community. While Supply Caches are a feature we do plan on introducing with the July patch, their implementation will not take the form originally described in this Road Map, specifically in regards to their physical placement on the map and the Cache capture mechanic.

The physical placement and capture mechanic was an aspect of the feature that was not set in stone and was considered experimental with a high level of risk that it would not test out well enough for release, but the original road map text unfortunately was quite a bit more definitive than it should have been.
Beyond that, the feedback we've received regarding that specific aspect of the feature was exactly in line with our own thoughts and that aspect of the feature should have never been included in the road map; we will not be moving forward with the physical placement/capture mechanic for Supply Caches, as it was originally described.
The only circumstance under which we may re-approach the physical placement idea at a later date is if we arrive at something we feel will actually lead to a fun and well-received mechanic that won't have a negative impact on game play.

So for the July patch, one Supply Cache will be randomly awarded to one player from the winning Team. It is likely that your eligibility for this random selection will require some minimum degree of participation in the match, but what that participation metric may be is yet to be determined.

The remaining elements of the Supply Cache system are still intact. Once received, Supply Caches are added to the winning player's Inventory; a new tab will be added to the Inventory screen which will contain the Supply Caches the player has earned.

Each Supply Cache can be inspected before opening to see what is contained within. Players will then have the ability to purchase a Supply Cache Key using MC to unlock the Supply Cache. Once a Supply Cache has been unlocked, a random selection of the Supply Cache contents will be awarded to the player; the rest of the items are destroyed. Alternatively, unopened Supply Caches can instead be sold off for C-Bills.

Details regarding the cost of a Supply Cache Key and the kinds of items you can expect to be available from the Caches are still to be determined. We’ll provide more details as we approach July. This is a tried and tested game mechanic that is a value add for those that enjoy it but has no impact on game play and can be ignored by players that do not see it’s value.

Thanks for playing.

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