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Polar Highlands Feedback

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#201 Spilled Milk


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Posted 17 December 2018 - 12:38 AM

Best map in the game!

It doesn't reward stupidity.

Brace yourself....Uncle Milk is going to complain for a minitue...because I was gone for a year...and noobs went back to making a lot of the same basic mistakes playing on this map.

#1 If you don't know where the high mounts on your mech is; that's your problem. If you can figure out left vs right mountings you should also be smart enough to figue out high vs low mountings. In hill fighting your long weapons should be mounted up high....like the turret on a tank. Short range weapons should be on your low mounts....those are your trench fighters for when you need to be careful about friendly fire.

#2 You don't know why standing on top of a hill with a white sky behind you makes you easy to see,....go look a real life firing range; black sillouete against a white background...lots of contrast! A fancy paint job doesn't factor into it when snippers and scouts are sizing you up from 1500+m.

#3 You can't find missle cover on low flat rowling hills. This is because there is no cover, cover on low flat rowling hills. They are...low....flat....rolling...hills. Bumps on the ground are only HILLS if you are from Saskatchewan or one of the really flat parts of Oklahoma or possibly Poland. I'm looking at a topagraphic globe...and I see a lot of flat in Poland. There are flat place on the map....stay off them unless you are sure you are unobserved or have the enemy badly out numberd. If the enemy can see your knees they can shoot them out from under you.


#202 Barkem Squirrel


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Posted 18 December 2018 - 10:21 AM

I have to agree with Void Angel on this one. One good spotter is all you need for a team of say 5 to 6 people. Even just a lance. One night the Warpigs just had an evil, discussing, rotten, but brilliant idea. Get the LRM specialist up close in a fast bouncy Missley mech with TAG and NARC. Keep people spotted either by vision or NARC, have two UAV's with the skills to make it last longer. Wait, I was in a huntsman Hero with TAG, CAP, 4 LRM 10's with 2 ERML's. Still the idea is the same get close use UAV's, TAG , BAP or CAP, and NARC or just get within 600 m on the flanks and just spot. The Warpigs showed up with 5 Vangards with 6 LRM 15's and my huntsman. That's right 30 LRM 15's, 4 LRM 10's or 490 LRM's at my disposal to call fire with. We had two annihilators with AMS, with 2 kit foxes running triple AMS targeted first. One of the annihilator pilots was streaming so we could hear the one kit fox pilot boasting about if the other side had LRMs, there was no worry. (both kit foxes had two AMS and one Laser AMS, remember that) The first annihilator went down fast even with 8 AMS's going. Then since the kit foxes were overheating, yes you can over heat people with a few hundred LRMs in the air with Laser AMS.Posted Image So the other annihilator just when down. To this day I have not seen annihilators go down that fast even with the AMS umbrella.Posted Image So now we have shut down Kit foxes in front of me with ECM. One UAV and my guys wiped them out quick as I repositioned for the rest of the team.

Little to say I did not take much damage that match, but was within 200 to 300 m from the 2 kit foxes and 2 annihilators and when we started to hit the other team I stayed a bit farther back. For some reason while watching the twitch stream footage later they were calling me out to be hit, and guess what, the rest of the team reacted while they were focused on little old me. Our brawlers got the drop on them sneaking up. With the LRM support and fresh brawlers in their face, we did not lose anyone and half of the other team did not get over 50 damage.

Then from our discord site in early April 2018 I posted the video for us to see.
"The two AMS kit foxes blocked over 1400 missiles! Then they were talking about getting LRMed before they made contact, but with two kit foxes they thought they had an umbrella."

This is what I heard on the stream from the Kit Fox pilot
"...we are not going to get LRMed realistically..."
5 seconds later, well he learned the validity of that comment the hard way.

#203 Void Angel


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Posted 18 December 2018 - 06:45 PM

And with the selection bias from the voting system, you've got a better than normal chances to get both spotters and LRM jockeys on that map.

#204 Major Major Catch 22


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Posted 19 December 2018 - 12:42 AM

LOve this map, in fact love all the maps
its so important to have a variety and something to help modifier - yes i know its gaming the game.
you are a warrior, and warriors learn to fight everywhere,

suck it up snowflakes

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