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High-Level Feedback

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Posted 02 August 2016 - 11:50 AM

I'll admit I'm quite the casual FPer. I very much like the concept, but I find the Invasion game mode and broad similarities between all the maps to be...not entirely exciting.

That being said, Emerald Taiga is one of my favorite FP maps. Here's why:

1) Gate entrances are relatively close together. This creates a risk of counter-push and flanking by the defenders, but it also gives the attackers the possibility to flank or feint.

2) Routes to the gates is relatively open and traversible. No interminable corridors. No needless switchbacks. Lances and individual pilots can move quickly from one assault corridor to another.

3)Sheltered areas within the base that allow for an attacking team to rally, mostly along the outside--C3 and F3. These spaces effectively diminish the choke-point aspect central to FP (the reason I don't like many other maps). The assaulting team can blow through the gate into one of these points, then they can choose when and where to engage the enemy forces.

TL;DR: You could broadly sum up my "likes" as one thing: More freedom of movement. Freedom of movement allows more tactical variation and less predictability.

EDIT: Thank you for listening to our feedback! I also want to reference my Sulfurous Rift high-level feedback cross-post, which has some other "things I like" about that FP map.

My honest opinion is that though I find these maps to be somewhat repetitive due to their inherent similarities and the Invasion game mode, I'd rather see more, new maps than revised maps. I much prefer variety over elusive "perfection," and in this context "variety" for me would mean a complete departure from the two gate/two lane, corridor-based layout.

Finally, no matter what you do to these maps, they will always have detractors. Adding more in number and more variety just gives us naysayers a toy to distract us from the maps we aren't enthused about :)

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