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General Ideas (Mostly Small)

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#1 quantaca


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Posted 03 August 2016 - 12:37 AM

Emerald is a pretty decent map already, boreal is way worse sulfurous and hellebore are also unfun for some reason and while grim is fun its murder on the attacking side

At first id say just some rounding (adjusting slopes) of the hill tops making them easier to traverse/climb.

Idealy they would add 1 or 2 gates and thus expanding the map left and right a bit but if thats not possible, Perhaps move the gates a bit further apart, maybe even just the alpha? Gate (left one of the attacker) 2-300 meters further to the left and up a bit so its more hidden behind that inner wall. But not so far that it prevents attacking from both gates at the same time

But when i started actually thinking about it more ideas pop up

The defenders spawn is kinda weird, maybe lower the spawn a bit so defenders cant camp that ridge anymore possibly even expanding the spawn to that ridge thats right in front of it. (Upside is that its actually defensible downside is the camping that occurs)

The double line of buildings in front of omega could us some breaking up for some easier movement between the lines

Remove the long building between spawn and omega and replace by some scattered buildings thus providing more aproaches and cover for the defenders or alternatively add a cover point (building colum ferrocrete wall) to the right side (seen from attacker) of the back generator so you can cover that approach better.

Some passages are very cramped, mainly around the 2 front gens, widening those a bit could help flow of movement. Same for the low concrete walls around omega they can block movement.

Extend the middle hill (between the entrances) towards omega to disrupt gate to gate sight lines, or remove it and replace by buildings

Move the attackers spawns together so they cant be picked off lance by lance

Anf offcourse some general removal of invisible hitboxes.

So quite a lot relative small things can be done, to be a really good map it needs more indepth changes than those though (like more space inside)

##creating more space options##
Take the 2 front gens and put them in the upper corners, left and right corners from defender spawn, this would require some editing, moving or just removal of the hills, ome buildings will need to be placed for cover (both defense and approach) there but it opens up a lot of space near omega, it also kinda prevents both rushes and deathballing around omega, and makes sure more of the map gets used.

Expand the inside of the base to the first ridgeline on the attackers side (this also automaticaly adds a 3rd gate option without expanding the map left or right) obviously steps need to be taken so you cant use the bigger hills outside to snipe the mechs inside, and that space needs to be filled.

also i dont know why i put this as a reply to you abraxo ... maybe because i wanted to keep it short (like my first 2 answers only) so cut and paste into my own reply and removed the original reply

But whatever you do, keep the brawliness that defines and sets this map apart

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#2 Imigo Montoya


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Posted 15 September 2016 - 11:19 PM

i support the suggested changes posted here.

Some passages should be more open, so both sides could use them too short cut as soon as the attacker is inside.

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