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Some Issues On Sulfurous

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#1 Jman5


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Posted 05 August 2016 - 12:34 PM

Here are some issues I think are worth addressing on Sulfurous Rift.

For Attackers:

1. Too many Turrets clustered around Omega. All the other maps have 6-7 turrets clustered in the base, while Sulfurous has 8.

2. Defenders shouldn't be able to trade from the D1 Spawn.
Posted Image

Alpha Gate Pushes have a few issues, but this is one of them. Several players are able to play peak-a-boo right outside their spawn zone and there is very little attackers can do in the long-run to outlast it when fresh mechs are continually coming out from there. They've got a wide open firing line to pin down alpha gate pushes.

3. Posted Image

This part of the map is too open I believe making it hard for players to push through firing lines.

4. Beta Gate Pushes need to be able to push Left or Right without getting smashes by guys on the opposite side. Basically Beta needs to be a more forgiving place for attackers.

5. Travel Time for the attackers. I'm not sure this is worth addressing, but it's worth pointing out that Sulfurous Rift has one of the longest travel times for attackers to the Gate. Meanwhile, defenders spawn right outside their base and the gates are right next to that. I'm not saying you have to change this, but you have to remember that this works against the attackers. The longer the travel time, the more that helps the defenders.

For Defenders

Posted Image

1. This low level wall is strange. It's more of a blockade for defenders trapping them inside, while giving attackers freedom of movement.

If anything, it should be the other way around with freedom of movement to the defenders, while impeding the attackers outside the wall.

2. Generator defense too hard.

One of the few methods of slowing down a generator-rush is to sacrifice your mech by putting it in front of the generator door. Attackers need to at least kill you before they can burn down the generator. However on Sulfurous, 2/3 of the generators are positioned in a way to prevent defenders from doing this.

Posted Image
This is too high up and the wall I talked about earlier prevents players from getting up to the height of the gen-door.

Posted Image

This generator has a large gap that makes it very difficult to put your mech in front of the door.

#2 SirSoggyDog


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Posted 06 August 2016 - 03:32 PM

Travel time can work both ways, having the spawns further apart also helps to prevent defenders from getting into the attackers spawn. Again, travel time from spawn-to-spawn is a double edged sword and can be argued either way. That being said, I feel gate-to-gate travel time is far too long and prevents most teams from being able to feint or split their attacks. Opening up the passes closer to the gates would probably do a lot to solve this.

You're right about not being able to body-block the generators, and it is a real issue when faced with a gen rushed. The changes you suggest should resolve this without making it excessively hard to destroy Omega.

I don't know quite how I feel about "For Attackers" points 1 and 2, but overall this was a really good post.

#3 iLLcapitan


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Posted 15 August 2016 - 01:24 AM

Good points as always Jman.

#4 Imigo Montoya


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Posted 16 September 2016 - 12:21 AM

very good post

i think the beta area could be interesting if there is a way to move from the gate to both sides. so you can just go around the area E3/D3, F3/E3

i think the out of bonds hill in E3 and F3 should be lowered and an option to be used fo both sides to move or jump over.

mostly i think the map could be better if the spawn is moved to D6-E6-F6, the whole area B7-H7 and B8-H8 shuold be removed, the must be a new way from F5 to G5 and D5 to C5. close the way from E6 to E6 (only useable for jumping Mechs). move beta a bit to E4, beta would be nearly as far away from spawn as the other gates, but near enough for a nice fast push.

move the alpha gate a bit to D3 and give us to small gates there to push threw, so keep the hill (maybee without the option to get up there an use it as a sniper hill.

the buildings in D3 could bee bigger and could be move more to D3/D2 border, this will close the area Jman (position 3) is talking about.

and if you want to be creative... give us a gaot pass from F4 over E4 (then in front of the gate) to D4, so we can move easly from one gate to the others.

after changing all this, give the defenders more turrets, move the gen 3 behind a building, move Gen 1 and Gen 2 a bit to the E2 border. after that there will bee no problems for the defender to reach the gens from the dropzone.

after that, sulfurous will be the fastest map of all maps and will be a whole new one, you could even give us both maps Sulfurous 1 and Sulfurous Revamp.

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