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Mordor Vs Mt Doom

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Posted 26 October 2016 - 09:32 AM


First off, I loved the original map often referred to as Mt. Doom. It was truly a lovely piece of Mordor and IMO well done. I enjoyed all the options for different types of fights from sniper fights to brawls that could be had on it. I often felt very much at home in any mech on that map, but it was the perfect place to take the Hellslinger out for a walk.

The new improved Modor is quite spectacular. I think it's a very beautiful map with some amazing effects going on. You almost wonder if you are about to take some damage from the pyrotechnic shows as pieces of lava rock are being flung at your 'mech or the lava gushing out of the sides of the terrain here and there. The volcanoes and the lava lakes and rivers, sheer awesome. I can personally see the time someone spent on this map and I for one truly appreciate the effort.

I think a lot was done to make the map more what people seemed to be yearning for on a lava map. The heat seems just about right to me, though I didn't mind the hotter Mt. Doom version either, and no I don't run ballistic based 'mechs, mostly laser 'mechs in my 'mech bays.

I've enjoyed getting to play on this a lot, it's the best new map in the past year+ IMO. I love it.
Thank you for adding this map to the game even if I do miss Mt. Doom.

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