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Captain Obvious Suggestions #1 – Short Range Missiles. Introduction:

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#1 Captain Artemis


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Posted 12 November 2016 - 07:42 AM


This thread is based on idea that right after adjusting specific game mechanics, players would switch right away to the other types of weapons to uphold their supremacy. There is nothing wrong with it, MechWarrior:Online was always about adapting to the ever-changing situation, and was encouraging players to look for solutions. The problem is, that MechWarrior: Online was based too much on high pin-point damage.

Even now, BattleMechs boating specific weapon systems are common thing, here are the examples:


This so called “meta mechs” are very effective killing machines, but on the other hand reduce the filling that BattleMech is tough piece of equipment, because are able to torn up to pieces every mech that they can. Problem is that they are working on “alpha strike”, which was not a common thing in the BattleTech universe, so they are also killing immersion, which even without it, is lack in this game.

In order to improve the overhaul gameplay mechanics, by decreasing abusing of the games rules I came up with this idea.

BattleMech is advanced piece of machine, with only one person piloting controlling it’s fearsome potential. Every single thing inside in it is automated, starting from moving to feeding its weaponry. And here is the thing, whenever you fire your ammo-based weapon, all of the inside systems designed to reload your weapon starts working, shells and rockets are moving thru entire internal structure to the weapon that they are used in.

Just imagine, how much stress is going on inside the mech when you fire your trusted Short Range Missiles 6 at ounce, with the number of five or six. This entire system works under great pressure while you are in the middle of battle. Shouldn’t it supposed to jam sometimes? Or worse, with the place where your composite armor is gone, one lucky machine gun bullet hits the rocket that was supposed to be loaded to your launcher – your BattleMech is gone.

But I am not suggesting implementing this mechanics, it’s too complicated and could have been years since implemented.

What I am speaking off is safety procedure to prevent you from this hypothetical thread, by introducing mechanics that would decrease “Time To Kill”, and lead MechWarrior:Online to the “the thinking shooter”, as it supposed to be.

The whole idea behind this mechanics is to increase TTK, so the biggest factor need to be DMG. Let’s say that we have five SRM6 launchers ready to fire. Your alpha strike is 64.50. Whenever you fire all of them, your SRM launcher will be reloading one by one to prevent us from hypothetical thread of internal ammo explosion.
When this rule should be triggered? When we are approaching the numbers that are too high in case of our gameplay. So in case of science, let’s say that 25.80 DMG* is just fine as common damage, which means that that you can fire two SRM6 without any problems. To make thing simple, to the damage limit, we should count every single SRM 2-4-6 missile launcher.
  • It’s a matter of debate if this system should work also with LRMs or not.
  • Note that similar mechanics can be implemented for ballistic weapons, which I will update in yet another thread, or update this one.
*note that this is hypothetical number, after serious testing and date collected PGI should choose proper number for the gameplay purpose.

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#2 B L O O D W I T C H


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Posted 12 November 2016 - 01:16 PM

So you want most if not all ammo based weapons to be utterly useless, eh?

#3 Captain Artemis


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Posted 13 November 2016 - 03:50 AM

Firstly, if I want to play the game when I can die in the matter of seconds, then I chose to play Squad for example.

Secondly, it's the idea to limit the SRM alpha strike spam. There are others, like ballistic weapons having issue with gyros absorbing velocity and kinetic force, while energy weapons increasing duration. Just try to think little outside the box?

#4 Koniving

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 07:04 PM

Effectively if you fire 6 SRM-6 in MWO, you get 77.4 damage in an alpha strike for 24 heat plus 4.20 in ghost heat (28.20 heat total).
Meanwhile with laser weapons, 6 ML gets you 30 damage for 24 heat.

Basically, ammo weaponry is blatantly superior and the ******** meter on MWO is pretty high.

The summary of what I read is this:
Fire 6 SRM-6s.. now each launcher has time delay in which the launchers tick.

If firing 2 SRM-6 at once is okay (12 missiles can reload at once)
Then 6 SRM-6 would either reload as:
These 2 launchers, then these two launchers, then these two launchers...
Or all fired launchers will reload the 12 missiles at once, then wait and reload the next twelve, then the next.
(12/6 = 2, so each of the six launchers would reload in 3 phases. 2, 2, and 2.)

The actual idea calls for one at a time per launcher but that would take too long.

#5 Captain Artemis


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Posted 14 November 2016 - 12:32 PM

I think that I like your idea more Kovining, two SRM-6 launchers reloading at the time sound good, increase TTK and making the damage burst-like.

But if that means we can reload 12 missiles at once, then hypothetically we can reload 3xSRM4 and 6XSRM2. It leads us to some balance issue, making faster reloading weapons more efficient. So with this idea, I would rather stay on the missile racks numbers, rather than missiles itself.

#6 General Solo


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Posted 14 November 2016 - 11:15 PM

Lasers are much moar pinpoint than SRM's
SRM's have flight time
SRM have 270m range hard locked with no double range biz like lazers, modules not with standing
SRM's have ammo consumption and explosions

SRM's are OK weapons and dont need a nerf

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