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F8 Of The Furious

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Posted 11 February 2017 - 05:24 PM

It had been five years.

Dare stared up at the hyper pulse generator. He could see the beginning of the vortex. He had to hurry.

"Well DC, I'll see you in the next life." He hit the switch.
The ejection from his battlemech, an assault Atlas he nicknamed "Dares Charm" or "DC" for short, was painful for two reasons.
The ejection itself was a painful due to the force, but more painful was the idea of leaving his beloved battle capable machine. Time was of the essence.
Have you ever noticed that the more you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, the longer it takes.

It would take 20 seconds to get to the top. In that time Dare thought of the great pilots he had seen meet their end online as mechwarriors.
Sarlic and Khorne, two great pilots in their respective Atlai. Bill Bullet and Tekadept, masters of the Centurion. And his best mate Mycrus, the premier light Commando pilot. Mycrus was the greatest tactical genius in the Inner Sphere. It was Mycrus who had located the colossal cloaked HPG dish generator on Terra, just before he was killed. Dare had found out this part of Terra had once been called Canada.

“Ah, such is life Mycrus.” He said to himself. The landing was rough, but he was on his feet soon enough. He had landed close enough atop of the HPG dish to be a few meters away from a platform that was directly underneath the vortex.

There stood the creature responsible for the chaos.

“BULLOCK!” yelled Dare.

A malfested grotesque man, covered in strange glowing markings turned towards him and spoke.
“So Dare, you found me, again. You must realize that I will restore balance. You must trust that I know what I am doing.”
“Found you again?” questioned Dare. “Why are you doing this?”
“I told you, I will keep patching the universe until I have balance. “
“But every time you do this Bullock, you keep killing off mechwarriors. There will be nothing left but the void. The prime universe had more vehicles, infantry, aircraft and Comstar maintained the generators. Your first attempt simply allowed gold mechs on the battlefield. You keep making things worse by adding mechs from the wrong eras and warping the timeline. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!!!!”

“I do Dare, and I will restore balance to my universe. You must realize that I am right and my will is absolute. You also do not realize this is your fourth attempt to try and stop me. I am the Master of you in this Ceremony.”
“No Bullock, you are not in control of my MC. I and many others make our choice. We will stop you, and if I don’t today, someone else will tomorrow.”
“HA HA HA HA , try and stop me then you peasant.” With that Bullock began a series of movements with his body and the vortex grew louder and bigger with each movement.

Dare realized that each movement was opening a dimension, Bullock had completed his 3rd pattern. He pulled out his Pistol and shot towards the back of the head of Bullock.
An invisible field deflected the bullet. Without hesitation, Dare pulled out his Vibro Blade, combat rolled towards Bullock and sliced him up the middle from scrotum to sternum.

“Knife….To see you. Mmmmmmmm yes. Mech-cellent!”

A torrent of blood gushed out, but as it did, he laughed “HA HA HA too late Dare, I completed the 5th movement and you have helped me again.”
A moment of horror crossed Dare’s face as he saw the blood was the final key. It flowed through several channels then into some unknown technology which beamed a translucent light into the main communication dish of the Hyper Pulse Generator.
A solid black sphere started to form and expand outward at and exponential rate.

Everything started to shake and the universe turned inside out from black to white….

“wake up sleepy head”
“huh” …. “Aimee, is that you?”
“who else dummy, today you have a training class to teach on battlemechs.”
“Uh, ok, let’s look at the pilots and battlemechs…..
hey, this is weird, when did the skill system change?”

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