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Draconis Combine Mechs

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#1 Arkaiko


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Posted 03 April 2017 - 06:40 PM

hi, tookme some time, but i made a list with the mechs that could be in a realistic kuritan unit, from lights to assaults, finding those ambiguous dilemmas with leters, etc:

First of all, the "overall standard":

K: kurita
D: Davion
S: Steiner
L: Liao
M: Marik
B: Star league royal units (SLDF who turned into clans)
(ussualy FRR uses K variants)
(DC, in case of Cyclops and Atlas means "dual cockpit")

Sometimes that "overal standard" dont cover all mechs, some mechs can be found in all houses (Usually the original design), i will call that mech "neutral", so this is my list with the explanation.


Locust: LCT-1V, LCT-3V, LCT-1E, LCT-PB
(overall neutral variants, LCT-PB looks more like a periphery mech)
(LCT-1M from Davion, LCT-1S from Steinter, LCT-3M from Marik)

Commando: none, created by Steiner, expanded to Davion and Federated Commonwealth

Spider: SDR-5V (neutral), SDR-A (neutral), SDR-5K (Kurita)
(SDR-5D from Davion)

UrbanMech: UM-R60 (neutral)
(UM-R60L and UM-R63 from Liao)

Firestarter: none, created by Steiner (there is a K variant, but all planets with firestarter factories are from Steiner or Federated Commonwealth)

Jenner: JR7-D, JR7-F, JR7-K, full Kurita (even the D variant, is for Diplan Mechyards, NOT for Davion) JR7-O (MWO variant, neutral)

Panther: PNT-8Z (neutral), PNT-10P (created just for MWO, so its neutral) PNT-10K (Kurita), PNT-9R (Kurita)

Raven: none, created by Liao, some stolen by Davion (RVN-2X)

Wolfhound: none, all from Steiner and Federated Commonwealth (in fact, created to face the Kuritan Panthers)


Cicada: CDA-2A, CDA-2B, CDA-3C, CDA-3F, CDA-X5 (all neutral variants, the Hero is a MWO variant)
(CDA-3M from Marik) (2A, 2B and 3C are the old neutral variants, the 3F is a gifted variant to fight clans)

Blackjack: BJ-1 (neutral) BJ-A (MWO neutral variant), the rest are all Davion and Liao variants.

Phoenix Hawk: PXH-1 (neutral) PXH-2 (neutral) PXH-R (MWO neutral, but looks like Davion), PXH-1B (SLDF), PXH-K (Kurita), PXH-KK (Kuritan hero variant), PHX-3S (Steiner)

Vindicator: none, all from Liao and another places (no neutral, no Kuritan)

Centurion: none, all from Davion and Federated Commonwealth, maybe some Liao and Marik, but none neutral and none Kuritan

Crab: all neutral variants from star league era exept for CRB-27B (SLDF), (star league gift some CRB-20 directly to Draconis Combine)

Enforcer: none, mostly a davion mech (no neutral, no Kuritan)

Hunchback: all variants on MWO are neutral (yay!) but none Kuritan exclusive.

Trebuchet: none neutral exept the MWO hero variant (TBT-LG), TBT-3C (SLDF), TBT-5J (Liao), TBT-7M (Marik), TBT-5N (Davion and Marik, idk why), just the TBT-7K is Kuritan

Griffin: there is some Kuritan variants, but none in MWO, the only neutral variants is the GRF-1N

Kintaro: KTO-18 (Davion), KTO-19 (SLDF, but gifted to Kurita from ComStar), KTO-20 (gifted exclusively to Kurita), KTO-GB (neutral, but the japanese theme looks like Kurita)

Shadow Hawk: Just the SHD-2H is neutral, and just the SHD-2K is Kurtan, the rest is Davion and Marik, (the SHD-GD its from the Mercenary unit, "Gray Death Legion")

Wolverine: WVR-Q (MWO neutral variant), WVR-6R (neutral), WVR-6D (Davion), WVR-6K (Kuritan), WVR-7K (Kuritan).


Dragon: all Kuritan variants, even the 2 heros, FANG (Donald Takeda) and FLAME (Martin Takeda) are Kuritan variants

Quickdraw: all in game variants are Kuritan Variants build on Luthien Armor Works, the hero is a MWO neutral variant (SARNA says that some where build on Technicron Manufacturing, a Marik company, but thats the QKD-5M, not in game)

Catapult: all Liao, exept the CPT-K2 (Kuritan)

JagerMech: just the hero mech is a MWO neutral variant, but the rest is noone neutral, noone Kuritan (mostly Steiner/davion, and Liao variants, Kurita captured Quentin factoryes and can build the JM6-DD variant, but is a Davion variant)

Thunderbolt: kinda a "all exept Kurita" mech, Sarna says "a traditionally Capellan mech", also says " House Steiner and House Marik the largest users of Thunderbolts"

Archer: maybe the ACR-2R can be some like "neutral", but in the game the ARC-5S is steiner, and the ARC-5W is from Wolf Dragoons (Mercenary unit)

Cataphract: none neutral, all Liao and Davion

Grasshopper: all Star League era neutral variants

Warhammer: another "all exept Kurita" mech (on this game), there is some kuritan variants; WHM-6RK, WHM-7K, WHM8K, nut none in game, WHM-6R (SLDF), WHM-6D (Davion), WHM-7S (Steiner), but SARNA says "[color=#000000] Periphery continued to build original models for mercenaries [/color][color=#000000]and black marketeers"[/color]

Black Knight: all neutral exept the BL-6B-KNT (SLDF), and BL-7-KNT-L (L looks like Liao, but its a Marik variant)

Marauder: just the MAD-3R variant is neutral, MAD-5D (Davion), MAD-5M (Marik), MAD-BH (Mercenary)

Orion: none, mostly a Marik mech, the K variant is for Kerensky, no Kurita


Awesome: none, mostly a Marik mech no neutral variants either way

Victor: mostly a Davion mech, exept for the VTR-9B(SLDF) and just the VTR-9K (Kuritan) build from Independence Weaponry its used by Kuritan units

Zeus: none, full Steiner

Cyclops: CP-10-Z (SLDF), CP-10-Q (neutral), CP-11-A (neutral), CP-11-A-DC (MWO neutral variant), CP-11-P (MWO neutral variant), CP-S (MWO neutral variant, S for Sleipnir, not Steiner)
(overall Cyclops are build on FRR and Steiner space, but all variants are kinda neutral )

BattleMaster: BLR-1G (neutral), BLH-1GHE (MWO neutral variant), BLR-2C (gifted to Kurita from ComStar), the rest, all Davion, Steiner and Marik variants

Stalker: STK-M (MWO neutral variant), STK-3F (neutral), STK-3H (neutral), STK-4N (neutral), STK-5M (Marik), STK-5S (Steiner).
(the 3F,3H and 4N are old variants from star league era and can be even in periphery and pirate zones)

Highlander: HGN-732 (neutral star league era, original design), HGN-732B (SLDF)
the Highlander is mostly used by Liao and Steiner, but ComStar gift a lot of HGN-733 variants to Kurita (733, 733P, 733C) and a few 732, the HGN-HM its a MWO neutral variant

Mauler: full Kuritan mech, all variants build on Luthien Armor Works

Banshee: BNC-3E (old Star League era, neutral mech), BNC-LM (MWO neutral variant), BNC-3M (Marik), BNC-3S (Steiner)

Atlas: AS7-D (kinda neutral), AS7-K (Kuritan), AS7-RS (Davion, RS is for Robinson Standard BattleWorks, a Davion Company), AS7-BH (MWO neutral variant), AS7-S ( Federated Commonwealth variant), AS7-D-DC (looks like neutral, but there is a theory about this variant: "AS7-D-DraconisCombine", but is weird see a Combine variant with ECM)

King Crab: KGC-000 (old neutral variant), KGC-000B (SLDF), KGC-0000 (neutral)
(the KGC-000 and KGC-0000 varians was gifted from ComStar to all great houses in the Battle of Tukayyid to fight clans)

well, thats my list, all who say "Kuritan" are in the Kuritan army, and all the "neutral" variants could be too, because they are almost all old designs.

i hope this help those players who likes to role play this game.

ty for your time.

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#2 Warschnuffel


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Posted 19 January 2018 - 02:15 AM

Yes! Thx for your work :) I love to immerse (at least to a not too stresfull degree) into the lore, i appreciate this!

#3 Pesky Microbe


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Posted 19 February 2018 - 03:04 AM

Marauder 5D can be called partially Kuritan since according to Sarna,

"When the Kuritans captured Quentin, Independence Weaponry began building the 5D to augment their forces"


Awesome list by the way. Thanks.

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#4 Pain G0D


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Posted 13 April 2018 - 01:40 PM

Wow that's an awesome list you made . Thanks for your hard work .

#5 Grey Goblin 99


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Posted 05 July 2018 - 10:54 AM

Great job and thanks for the time you put into researching this!

#6 H311FR0G


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Posted 05 July 2018 - 05:25 PM

awesome work up, but i just finished rereading Mercenary's star in which Grayson Carlyle punched in the heads and cockpits of 2 Kuritan centurions and took out the Large Laser on a Kuritan Thunderbolt... but these are listed as non kurita. My question is simply are they listed as such because there is no such variant in MWO? Just stabbing a guess

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Posted 05 July 2018 - 06:45 PM

I've been looking for something like this.

#8 ArcRoyale


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Posted 05 July 2018 - 07:02 PM

Useful list, though I should point out you can make certain canon variants of Mechs by tinkering with the chassis in-game to get the proper variants. For instance, you mentioned a 6K was not in game. But tinker around with the 6R, and you get an exact replica.

I've been wanting to do a listing of canon variants that're buildable in MWO that require tinkering with an existing chassis, I just don't know where to post it. They're certainly not meta, after all. Got any suggestions?

#9 C337Skymaster


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Posted 03 September 2018 - 06:32 PM

For anyone wondering about 'mechs seen in service to Kurita that are listed as "never used by Kurita", keep battlefield salvage in mind. They might never have had access to a regular supply of a particular chassis, but that won't have stopped any house from picking a salvageable chassis up off the battlefield and pressing it into service. Especially in the Draconis Combine, as they were particularly desperate for battlemechs.

#10 Koniving

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Posted 03 September 2018 - 07:30 PM

View PostArkaiko, on 03 April 2017 - 06:40 PM, said:

Given some time I can help you clear up some of the misconceptions. For example I'm surprised you figured out the Atlas RS, but didn't see the Atlas D-DC at face value (Dual. Cockpit. It's the only Atlas with two cockpits, which they stripped the lasers out of the CT to make room for all the cabling necessary for the second cockpit and shifted it from the nose to the eyes. Little more cramp, but fairly effective.) Its still a Davion design and modification.

Awesomes are actually common IS mechs and fairly generic. In fact of the listed companies producing them, one of them is Lycomb-Davion IntroTech in New Avalon... Can't get more Davion than that. Then you got Technicron Manufacturing in Marik territory and the other one's also Marik. Thing is Marik sells their stuff to literally everybody... The 9M, Marik's newest model in the Clan invasion, is listed as IS General availability.http://www.masterunitlist.info/Unit/Details/178/awesome-aws-9m
And its older cousin the 8Q is never listed as isolated to a specific faction all the way up to 3100.

Heroes aren't necessarily neutral (though for your purposes sure), just not actually variants but unique machines. And about half of them are made up sadly.

P is periphery modification, its also PGI.

Most of the ones that don't conform to the later standard are from a time when the houses were united aka the Star League (or in some cases the Terran Hegemony).

This sounds like a project so I'll get to it later this week when I can...

#11 Will9761


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Posted 03 September 2018 - 10:13 PM

Now you have this bad boy added to the mix:
Posted Image

#12 Tier5ForLife


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Posted 07 September 2018 - 09:24 AM

What are the Kurita colors, please?

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