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Posted 08 April 2017 - 06:14 PM

This is a bit more of a rough script than a story, though I changed it slightly to fit that format until I think I can actually animate it.

I don't normally post fan fics, but I think this works okay.
“This is Sierra 7, we are pinned at nav Epsilon. Sierra lead is down.” A panicked voice lights up the radio. While far from inexperienced, the pilot is clearly weary from hours of combat in a stiflingly hot cockpit. “We are surrounded by no less than five- repeat five- hostiles! Please assist!”

“This is Foxtrot 3, I have just passed nav Theta and am on my way to your position.” A lone Mad Dog answers the call for help calmly, taking long strides through the empty streets. His quad laser barrels erupt in a short, staccato burst of green and blue light as an enemy armored vehicle fails to withdraw into an alleyway in time. The wreckage of the vehicle pathetically burns, only to be reduced to smoldering ruin as the massive bipod extinguishes it with one bird-like foot.

Stray laser fire and high arcing missiles break up the skyline long before the Mad Dog reaches his desperate allied position. Arriving, he finds the friendly group has been reduced to only three damaged battlemechs. Two, as shortly after arrival a fireball violently rips a friendly Jenner to shreds of metal. That left only a Cauldron Born and a Warhawk. The source of the transmission, an overheated Warhawk with most of his mech laying in pieces around him, calls out to the new arrival. “Glad to see you! We took out two hostiles but they are not giving up yet!”

“What is the situa-“ The Mad Dog pilot begins to reply, only to be cut off as an autocannon violently shakes his cockpit. A particularly daring Jagermech had decided to confront the group of clan mechs without waiting for allied support. Combined fire from the clan mechs rips the leg of the hostile off at the knee, toppling it forwards.

“Jumpers, on the roof!” The Warhawk pilot calls out, sending a twin blast of particle cannon fire into an Inner Sphere Griffin. The Griffin simply ceases to exist as a fireball fills the air overhead and bits of metal fall like rain, plinking off of the Mad Dog’s cockpit. The Griffin was not alone, as a twin fires its own particle cannon at the offending Warhawk. The Warhawk’s pilot had little opportunity to reply as he found himself turned to a red vapor as what passed for his mech’s head was evaporated by the energy weapon.

“We are surrounded!” The final remaining ally of the Mad Dog, the Cauldron Born, called out grimly, firing into the approaching hostiles.

“Fall back to nav Theta.” The Mad Dog pilot ordered, holding position himself, as the Inner Sphere mechs began to push out of the buildings like a horde of locusts. Unfortunately, then came the actual Locusts. Darting between buildings, the small mechs presented themselves just long enough to fire off a searing bolt of green laser fire before moving behind cover once more. Even an advanced omnimech like the 60 ton Mad Dog couldn’t stand up for long against so many paper cuts.

The Mad Dog checked his radar to see the distressed friendly was making his way out of the combat zone, though the display was rapidly becoming cluttered by red marks. “I will hold them.” The Mad Dog pilot said, his voice cracking slightly. Shortly after he uttered those words, the structures ahead of him parted like the Red Sea. Slow and lumbering like a mythical titan, a wide figure overtook his viewport. A member of royalty but certainly not majestic, the King Crab did not stop to pose or taunt its outnumbered opponent. Instead, the assault mech’s already open claws erupted with fire as autocannon round stitched their way up the Mad Dog’s form. All four laser barrels were ripped free, as was most of one leg and nigh the entirety of the mech’s right torso.

Shockingly, the Mad Dog remained standing. Both the King Crab and the Mad Dog’s pilots seemed surprised by this, as neither moved to react for a second. However, it was the Mad Dog who regained his composure first as he fired his only remaining weapon, a rack of long range missiles, directly into the wide façade of the King Crab. The royal crustacean easily absorbed the futile gesture, though its pilot recoiled, causing the machine to tilt to one side for a moment. The combined fire of half a dozen mechs illuminated the Mad Dog’s crippled form for a brief moment before it is lost in an earth shattering explosion.

“Foxtrot 3, this is Sierra 5. I have made it. … Foxtrot 3?” The Cauldron Born called over the radio, only to be answered by silence.

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Posted 05 June 2017 - 09:23 PM


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