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Skill Tree: I Get It, But...

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#1 Kargan Durge


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Posted 21 May 2017 - 06:10 PM

the "Mastery" of a Mech before, greatly outweighs what the "Mastery" of the Mech is now.

237 possible skills to train, yet we're limited to only 91? and I have to use up skills I don't to get only a % from the ones I do want? That's pretty crappy. Why was 91 the magic number? why not just make it 100?

Really, I get it... everyone is in the same boat and "mastering" a Mech now only feels like a basic, but what's the fun in that?

I'm not expecting to be able to unlock everything, but at it's current state, I keep feeling unsatisfied by the "Masterly loadout" that I can get now, whereas before I could get everything I needed aside from module choices... but it never felt inadequate when I mastered the Mech. It actually felt accomplished.

If you're going to stick with forcing this tree, there should be a way to earn, maxing out the number of nodes you can unlock... like say 120. A little over half of the skills available. That really doesn't seem like that asking for a lot and if would be a middle ground to not be OP, but give you the feeling that the "Mastery" of my Mech actually feels like it again.

Seriously, when I'm Done "Mastering" my Mech with the allotted 91 points and zoom out to see all the skill trees and well over half of the skill trees is blacked out... that doesn't exactly scream "I've Mastered this BAD BOY Mech Out!" Instead it looks extremely deficient and underwhelming. It really just proves how bad this was thought out. Again, it's not necessarily that the Skill tree itself is bad, just the fact that we can't really accomplish a Mastery feel to it is the problem.

You have people leaving the game left and right over this, so you're move PGI... Make some necessary adjustments or watch this game go spiraling down the drain... highly pissed off players don't return.

P.S. You geniuses somehow missed that the pop up for CW keeps annoyingly coming up in front of the skill info window. You guys really fail hard at QC'ing and "life improving" your stuff.

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#2 Devil God


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Posted 21 May 2017 - 07:51 PM

I really dislike that I have to spend SP in those points I don't want in order to get to skills I need.

What is the point to put in AMS damage / fall damage before getting +armor or +structure ???

Why do I need quick ignition / hill climb to max my cool run ???

I don't under how the game dev come up with this kind of logic ???

It should be simple to put 5/5 points of cool run straight forward, shouldn't it Posted Image

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