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Posted 21 June 2017 - 05:45 AM

The problem with this map since it's been introduced to the general player base is that one side gets a spawn at a clear advantage. They spawn closer to the middle high ground which features multiple buildings as cover, and often dominates the entire area for conquest, assault & domination modes.

It is easily flanked when with a group, but pug matches generally have the same result. If you weren't on the high ground side, you peak shoot an uphill battle, too scared to close the gap and slowly get wiped.

Please remove at least 3+ of the structures on this hill at the least. The amount of cover offered is crazy compared to the low trench and 2nd high ground (the one youd get on the other spawn, just a few rocks up there) thats serve as the starting weapon trade areas for this map.

Also interesting there is no real dynamic stuff added to the map or another version of it.

I'd say use the tornado particle affects like crazy, big ones. Make the map a wind tunnel, to the same degree if you stand in a firenado in Terra you'll gain heat, maybe lose heat from a large hail/wind tornado ripping past?

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