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Stalker 3Fb(L)

Stealth Armor PTS Stalker

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Posted 30 June 2017 - 09:12 AM

Running 6 (regular) med. lasers and 2 MRM 30's. 305 LFE <---2 internal Heat Sinks, 2 heat sinks in both right and left torso's. 6 total. ECM in the center torso. Ton of ammo in the head. On the PTS server.

Installed Stealth Armor on the Stalker. The Stealth Armor take up 12 slots. It would automatically fill the 2 free crit slots with Stealth Armor in both legs. I put my MRM ammo in all 4 of those crit slots (in the legs). The slots for Ferro-Fiberous Armor or Endo-Steel Armor would shift the crit slots from the legs to a different locations in the mech, if I put ammo in the legs. The Stealth Armor would take up those same slots AND let me stick ammo there as well. Only Stealth Armor would do this, even tried it in combination with FS, Light-FS, and ES. Got the same results only installing the Stealth Armor as well. It would shift on every other part of the mech (Head, Arms, Side and Center Torso) but not the legs. I could save the mech but it gave me but it gave me a vague crit slot error. Just so I could test out the out the mech in a match I just moved the ammo to the side torso's and the head.

If you need more exposition, let me know. I don't usually follow the forums but I'll try and keep an eye out if you have any questions. Although it will probably disappear in the cracks in the internet.

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