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Posted 28 July 2017 - 09:40 AM

http://imgur.com/a/tC3Yp Welcome and thank you for viewing this thread. I am currently seeking membership for an active take over on Faction Warfare and the Competitive field as the unit as a whole is also seeking membership. Although those who may be interested in a more coordinated faction play with a dedicated time and day, fun training exercises, and a tightening of personal skill are welcomed to seek me personally. Those who do wish to proceed are granted to my "Twilight Moon" my personal division in which i will guide you to the best of my capabilities as a "TM" participant you are also welcomed to paint scheme your mechs displayed in the image below as a proud faction warfare player.

Posted Image
Here we also offer a viable working Teamspeak, Friendly environment, Fun for both casual and dedicated member and assortment of learning possibilities. If you are fully interested in just joining a Merc Unit or have full intentions to be a "Twilight Moon" in our attempt to dominate faction warfare and the competitive scene please feel free to add me personally my in game name is "Luminaye" as spelled.

Or join us in Teamspeak @


Password: StranaMechty Capital S and M

**Also keep in mind this team is in current development of a full Mechwarrior animation youtube series. Full skit, character designs, roles, are also expected. This is the first of its kind and would greatly appreciate all the support possible

Current time for plan of action 9pm - 2am EST

For purposes of organization and easy tracking please fill the following below:



Play Style:

Role type:

Preferred Weight:


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