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Pilot Statistics Need Reset

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Posted 24 October 2017 - 10:42 AM

So I was doing some number crunching for myself the other day and I noticed something wrong with my pilot stats.
Posted Image

...I don't have a 2C, I have a 2C(C)
It took me a moment to realize this is because of the skill tree; as soon as PGI implemented it, it started specifying the sub-variants of mechs based on what you own and pilot.

Also, there is no way on earth that I could have dropped 31 times in the mech and died 30 times, even if I only used it for FW (I don't) unless I dropped in it first every time (I don't)

So I asked around in my unit, and some of the others had similar issues, only worse: Some showed they had died more times than they dropped in the mech.

Asking PGI gave me this response:

Thanks a lot for getting in touch. So we were able to identify this issue a little while ago as what was happening here was that 'Mechs Deaths were not being tallied correctly in the 'Mech Stats section of our site because for every Invasion or Counter Attack game mode, deaths suffered by one 'Mech was being applied to all 'Mechs that dropped that round. For example, if all 4 'Mechs were destroyed in a drop deck each 'Mech is attributed to 4 deaths instead of 1 death per 'Mech.

We were able to get this issue fixed, so now 'Mech Deaths are not counted in this manner any longer in FP game modes, however unfortunately this fix was not retroactive as applying this retroactively could have caused a severe loss of data for other stats as well for players

So I think it's time for a stat rest.
Everyone's data is split up all over the place and everything related to number of deaths is off, if you played FW in a specific (yet unknown), time range.

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Posted 25 October 2017 - 12:50 AM

OK, you got the explanation of my problem...
Thank you mate, it explains lot of things my side that were until now beyond recknoning !
Alas I played a lot in FP.

So I'm adding my voice to yours.

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