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New Fc Spawn Points

Spawn Points forest colony

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Posted 11 November 2017 - 08:06 PM

Among the legacy maps that were available when I started playing MWO two years ago, Forest Colony is one of a rare few that have the same six spawn points (three per team) regardless of the type of match that's being played. This is unfortunate because it makes for habitual playing, preventing full use of the map.

Recently I played a Skirmish match on FC in which my team spawned sea-side (as opposed to highlands-side) and ran up the 10 Line to the D Line and then over D5 into E5-E6. Coming from that unexpected direction we slaughtered the opposing team. But this raises a troubling point: why was that so unexpected?? Few of my teammates even realized that there was a pass at D5 (G8 is the standard pass through the sea-side crags); fewer still believed the plan would work. They were pleasantly surprised.

If FC had two sets of spawns--the originals and a new set--unused parts of the map might be more important. Why not set up a set of spawn points on the D Line and another near the sunken ship down in the southern bay? This one change would breathe new life into FC and keep it interesting.

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