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Fp Caustic Valley

Faction Play Caustic Valley

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#1 Yondu Udonta


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Posted 22 November 2017 - 09:29 AM

This map should not even exist in FP.


Assuming pug drops, the only way to win this map is by lurming anyone who dares peek above the ridgeline of the caldera. Getting a pug group to go around/charge through the caldera is impossible because of hesitancy and/or the reduced heat dissipation while in the caldera. Even if one's pug group manages to go around the caldera to hit the enemies, their rear is exposed to the freshly dropped enemy mechs due to the size of the map. Adding to the fear of a failed push, no pug group will want to make a move. So what do the puggers decide to do? Sit on opposite sides of the caldera with their lurm boats. The idea of winning in Caustic Valley FP via lurming is so ingrained in the community that I've even seen reputable units bring lurm boats.

Also, considering that faction play is generally where the higher-skilled players are (excluding comp play), queuing for and getting Caustic Valley in FP is an insult to skilled players, where the ability to outtrade opponents is punished simply by a group of Tier 5 potatoes with their lurm boats sitting under the ridgeline out of sight, aiming their crosshairs on the slope and letting the lurm mechanics do the rest of the work. Getting this map on FP makes me tilt before the game starts and I'm sure there are many others who are disgusted by the abundance of lurm boats on this map along with the lack of skill.

So please PGI, take this bloody map out of FP and save us FPers our 25mins, instead of letting us peek for 1s before immediately running for cover as lurm rains on our heads for the next 10s. Thanks.

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