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Twas The Night Before Chrismas

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Posted 25 December 2017 - 12:52 PM

Twas the Night before Christmas:

Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the land,
the missiles were flying,
the lasers came to hand.
Red and Blue teams,
as they ran to and fro,
laughing and grinning with delight,
as they played hide and seek,
with overwhelming might.

Suddenly, there arose such a clatter,
the lasers stopped their crackling,
the ACs their chatter.
He arose on jump jets, lighting up the night,
being pulled by eight tiny Locusts,
speeding through the night.
It was a red and white Urbie,
with a AC10 and a missile rack,
spreading joy and good cheer,
from the loot bag on his back.

"My brothers and sisters,
I come to you this night,
to spread joy and loot,
and to help continue the fight,
may you find peach and joy,
this coming year,
and let there no TKer we should fear".
And as he flew far and near,
the eight tiny Locusts MGs would
chatter to any who came near.

And as he went throughout the land,
the fighting did stop,
Red and Blue shook hands.
And their voices did rise,
"We thank you, your thoughts,
this peaceful night,
now it is time to claim your salvage rights!"

The Urbie did nod, this he could abide,
as he rushed to find a quick place to hide.
And as he disappeared in a blaze of fusion might,
He said "GG & Merry Cristmas to All,
and to All, a Good Night!"

Heed my words, my brothers and sisters,
both far and near,
I have only met a few of you,
but all I hold dear.
May you all find peace and joy,
throughout these lands,
but, please stop and give a thought
to those who no longer stand.
To be sure, give a hug and your love,
to those you hold dear,
but once in a while,
think of those who are far from here.
The ones like Noble Sarah,
who now reside in Valhalla,
next to Zeus and Hera.
Her valiant Jenner stands mute,
honoring her courage and valor.

No matter where you are,
in these digital lands,
or in Real Life,
may you all find peace and happiness,
this dark cold night.
And as my Mech glides off, into the night,
Merry Christmas to All,
and to All, a Good Night.

Paul C. Heisner
(War Kitten)

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