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Domination Spawns Need To Be Adressed

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Posted 17 January 2018 - 08:52 AM

Frozen City / Domination has the most unbalanced spawn zones of all possible games.
The southern spawns win about 80% of the time due to these unbalanced spawns.

The northern spawn suffers from not only a horrible location for its Charlie lance, but also from their side of map which has a useless high ground. While the southern spawn has the 7th line for high ground which offers mutiple covers and excellent LOS over the circle.

The northern spawn Bravo lance spawns near the 7th, but if they go there, they can be easily overwhelmed in numbers because their Charlie lance spawned on another planet and takes forever to get on their useless high ground or in the circle. Let alone go on the 7th.

So the only possible course of action the northern spawn has, is for all 3 lances to push the circle, which leaves them sitting ducks from the 7th firing. And doing so takes forever because of the most ridiculous spawn location their Charlie lance has.

So the balancing problem comes from 2 things.

1) Spawns give each team a designated side of the map. The eastern side of the map is vastly superior.

2) The northern team has the most ridiculous spawn location ever seen in this game - their charlie lance.

The solution is to put spawns somewhere that allows an equal chance for both teams to take control of the 7th line. This means, having both the charlie lance spawns in front of each other.

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