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Hellspawn Inspired By 2750 Star Slayer

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Posted 18 January 2018 - 01:42 PM

I've been playing Battletech off and on since my first boxed set under the Battledroids title and have spent a lot of time pouring over the TROs over the years. I was trying to come up with a build for the Hellspawn that would work for me since I am more used to faster heavy mechs and still have a tendency to build like we did in the Kali95 leagues (Clan Black Jackle Lore Master, once upon a time) for MW2. Looking at old designs from the TROs that worked well for me in the past, I remembered the Star Slayer being one of my favorite medium builds and thought I would give it a try, after looking at the appropriate weapons quirks carefully.
So, using the HSN-7D variant;
Kept the stock engine and left the ECM but dropped all but two jump jets which are located one to each leg.
Standard armor, maxed out for survivability except left torso, which is 52 front and 8 rear.
Added one double heat sink in the right torso to help with the heat.
Endo Steel structure for weight savings.
Primary weapons are Large Laser in right arm, second Large Laser in right torso, set as trigger one (torso) and trigger two (arm) to fight the heat burden.
Mid range weapon is an MRM 10 in the left torso with one ton of ammo in each leg.
Short range weapons are a pair of ER Small Lasers in the left arm.
Weapons groups are:
WG-1: left mouse button, Right torso Large Laser.
WG-2: right mouse button, Right arm Large Laser.
WG-3: thumb mouse button, MRM-10.
WG-4: #4 on the keyboard, both ER Small Lasers.
WG-5: #5 on keyboard, Both Large Lasers and MRM-10.
WG-6: #6 on keyboard, secondary Alpha Strike.

First outing with this mech I was able to get a decent score for myself (I am no where near the best at MWO, maybe lower end of middle of the road in skill) and was able to get 1 kill, 5 kill assists and did 360 damage lasting over 9 minutes in the match, so I am actually pretty pleased with this build. I can recommend this highly to people looking for a good "brawler" build on a fast medium mech with ECM. I actually use it as a heavy scout or protecting the assaults from wolf packs and it's doing pretty well so far.

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Posted 18 January 2018 - 04:15 PM

Only thing I'd suggest is to drop one ton of MRM ammo in favour of an extra double heatsink. I've found that 1 ton per MRM10 is plenty for most matches.

For me I've done decently with 4 MLs and 2 MRM10s, with a light fusion engine for durability. You can run a 280LFE for speed (100kph) or drop down to around a 250LFE (90kph) to add heatsinks and/or AMS. Here's a version of the build running a 255LFE and 3 extra heatsinks.

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