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Corgi Faq

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 02:20 PM

April Fools!!!

Q: Can I buy this 'Mech?
No! This is an April Fools joke, the 'Mech is not real, it's actually just a standing cockpit item model which you can earn in the current April Fools event here.

Q: Can I get the Decals?
No, the decals are not in the game currently, however if the responses are positive, they may end up getting implemented in the future.

How to get the Corgi 'Mech Standing Cockpit Items:

Corgi Quick play Event!

He Protec
Detail: Destroy 50 enemy missiles with AMS
Reward: Corgi 'Mech Hero Standing Cockpit Item

He Attac
Detail: Earn 10 Hit and Run awards on the enemy
Note: A Hit and Run award is generated based off every engagement against an enemy 'Mech. Every point of damage dealt on an enemy counts for 1 point. However, every point of damage taken counts of -2 points. If the total damage taken during the engagement is greater than 15, the Hit and Run score is zeroed. If the score is greater than 10, the user gets a Hit and Run award!
Reward: Corgi 'Mech Special Standing Cockpit Item

But most importantly, he sneaks around!
Detail: Flank the enemy successfully 5 times
Note: Moving behind the enemy 'Mech without being targeted by it and without being engaged, deal damage to the enemy 'Mech from behind (behind its 180° turning angle). Once successful, the reward has a cooldown of 20 seconds before it can occur again.
Reward: Corgi 'Mech Standard Standing Cockpit Item

Play Dead
Detail: Die once in Quickplay
Reward: Fools Warhorn

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