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Solaris Divisions, Please Fix Fast

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Posted 08 May 2018 - 02:24 PM

There is an issue which will always force short range combat on Solaris maps unless the faster mech is 3 times faster than the heavier mech. Think of the miniature Solaris maps as a record on a turntable, the brawling assault is near the center while the faster mech that wants to get away from brawling an assault is on the outer edge. The assault in barely moving while the mech at the outer edge has to travel over 3x faster just to keep up. This happens in every Solaris match because the assault will cross map center in pursuit of shorter range and once it reaches map center it is closing at up to 3x it's relative speed. So there is no ranging on Solaris maps and assaults have a damage and armor advantage over lighter mechs. Plus, most weapons except LB-20X can easily reach 500 meters anyway.

Having played 240 matches in Division 2, I would suggest dropping almost all heavy mechs out of it. The exception would be the Night Gyr and the Marauder 3R. The rest can't brawl the KDK 3, Warhawk, or Supernovas. In my humble opinion.

Also, make some bigger maps. You must if you plan to retain mixed divisions. Mixed divisions means you allow players to use range and mixed tactics. Right now all the maps are just little brawl boxes.

I see that the Divisions are based on what the mechs do on the PUG maps, but the Solaris 7 maps are so tiny it creates an entirely different game.

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