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Purchased Ms Not Showing Up

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#1 CW Starwolf


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Posted 05 May 2018 - 08:33 AM

Seriously ? I mean seriously???

MWO is by now long enough on the market to ensure that at least the bloody payment system is working!

I just purchased 12.000 MC´s via Direktbank.
The money has been of my account in the second where i pressed the "Pay" button.
But it is not in my account, i have not received a conformation mail or any kind of mail and the MC´s are not in my account. If it is of my bank account i expect it to be instantly on my gaming account.

I am so pissed right now.

Garbing money for everything, suspending accounts if there is any inconsistency, course it would be such a big problem if someone had a item in accident which he hasen´t pay for.

If Piranha is missing money somewhere u guys are there and everything has do be happening instantly but if a player is missing something coursed by Piranha´s inability to establish after so much time a working system and letting players wait for DAY´s is just not acceptable. Moderated Live chat 24/7...that would show how important customers are.

If i don´t have the MC´s + the bloody conformation mail in the next 6 hrs it was the last time i spent money on this game and i will NOT buy MW 5 or any other software produced by this company.

I am so sick of the way gaming company's treat there own customers.

And if anyone of you dare to give me a copy paste answer i will see you in the circle of equals.

I know i wrote MS instead of MC in the title ^^

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#2 C0mBat M0nKeY


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Posted 07 May 2018 - 11:26 PM

Oh, Funny I should see this the first time I go into the forums...

I literally just sent two emails about missing MC. Ive been waiting 4 days. And yes my 49.99 was immediately taken from my account when I payed. Ive purchased other items and they were available within minutes so waiting longer then that for this just doesnt make sense!

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