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Breakables Unaffected By Laser Weaponry!

Bug Report Unbalanced Gameplay Inconsistent /w Other Maps

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#1 D V Devnull


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Posted 26 May 2018 - 10:55 PM

Description: Everywhere in the "Solaris City" Map, Laser Weaponry does NOT affect 'Breakable Items' of ANY kind!!!

Location: "Solaris City" Map

Reproduction Rate: 100% -- This Bug is ALWAYS REPRODUCIBLE!!!

Steps to Reproduce:
  • Select a Mech with Laser Weaponry
  • Access the "Solaris City" Map in any way you wish
  • Shoot literally ANY of the 'Breakable Items' with Laser Weaponry

What should NOT happen: 'Breakable Items' ignoring Laser Weaponry Damage, leading to Unbalanced Gameplay

What SHOULD be happening: 'Breakable Items' taking (and animating in response to) Damage from ALL hits from ANY Weaponry, INCLUDING Laser Weaponry.

Comments: I've verified my install with the MWO Repair Tool, and there are no problematic files. Right now, the behavior I'm seeing from the "Solaris City" Map is inconsistent with Other Maps that have 'Breakable Items' on them. Also, I just came to realize as I was typing this out that this inconsistency creates an Active Unbalancing in MWO, as people can use the signs like an Unlimited Shield to duck behind against Laser Weaponry. Please do a Fix for this, so ALL Weapons, not just Ballistics & Missiles, break the various 'Breakable Items' on the map?

~Mr. D. V. "I'm not crazy about immersion, but inconsistency and unbalanced design is bad." Devnull

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#2 BTGbullseye


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Posted 27 May 2018 - 03:42 AM

Same happens in Crimson with the floodlights on the platform... They are unaffected by anything that doesn't cause screen shake on impact.

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