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Cowardice In Front Of The Map Solaris

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#1 Dran Dragore


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Posted 30 May 2018 - 10:52 PM

this time the 3rd i was in the game: an player suicides right after the drop. How pathetic is this to your teammates giving them a bad game because your fu...ing Lurm build doesnt work well on this map! I got a hint for you: deal with it! Its the same for me when droping on Polar Highlands with an AC20 Atlas. At least show armor during the rush!

And yes, the f...ing Lurms wont work here so good. You have to find a good position or lure the Enemys to you for firering on them. Your Jack of all Trades weapon dont do the damage like on Polar, and thats good! Make the best out of it but dont let your mates leave out in the rain because you got much buthurt while your only LRM Supernova is almost 90t Junk here. Think about secondary weapons in change for 2t of Ammo!

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#2 Damnedtroll


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Posted 31 May 2018 - 10:40 AM

Practically killed myself with a light on Solaris map just because I hit the gas in the wrong direction while starting the game. Some drop position are on the map boarder, lol

#3 OZHomerOZ


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Posted 31 May 2018 - 04:21 PM

The need signs on the map edge that says - "Solaris City Limits"

#4 Tesunie


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Posted 31 May 2018 - 06:39 PM

LRMs are more difficult to use in Solaris City, but they are far from impossible. I had a team drop with LRM mechs for fun, and we nearly won with it on Solaris. Just a matter of how you approach the map and finding spots you can work from.

Suiciding because you don't like the map is just kinda silly... and incurs a penalty if you do it... Plus, it pays a bit to make builds that can work on any map. Sometimes it pays to have a bit of flexibility in your builds.

#5 Cato Zilks


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Posted 01 June 2018 - 03:06 AM

Now that I am thinking about it, a few jump jet lurmers could be very good on this map. Their are a number of tall building that are hard to get a good firing angle on from the ground.

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