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Chat Bug

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Posted 07 August 2018 - 06:56 PM

When you type more than seven characters in lengthin the all chat and have the characters automatcially deleted you know the servers are jacked up. I am not sure if this happens on all maps but it did just happen on Rubellite. However, due to server disfunctionality from the recent event Davion vs Kur- overwhelming superior other side. I see that these events take extreme advatange over the one side. The servers "mysteriously" keep dropping people from davion faction play games and not the other side..... I figure this is a result from PGI's server not being properly maintained. I have seen several other gltiches and bugs occuring from the aftermath of these events. If you refuse to record and learn from the past, just stop while your ahead. These events are actualyl costing you players form continuing to play game any further. But hey, if your investors say keep doing this, then by all menas keep going. Its not like I have played a vast array of games to figure out that investors are actually controlling a game by deciding what side should win. Also, seriosuly? The amount of bugs and glitches that come out afterwardsfrom this games is just shameful to this franchise.

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