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Counter-Streak Features Pile Up Too !

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Posted 09 September 2018 - 04:20 PM

It's true that the Artemis and Tag target lock bonus could stack...

But with the Artemis target lock nerf, on top of the massive target lock radius nerf, it seems PGI totally forgot to take into account that the bunch of target lock counter-measures stack too.

So now if you try to streak a light mech running around you that stacks 1 or more AMS, stealth armor, ecm, speed, lag shield and more... it has become ridiculously hard to achieve a target lock.

And it's not like streaks were ever good at anything else then targeting lights to begin with, before they became bad at that too.

Suggestion : Check how stacked target lock bonuses perform when used against a mech with stacked target lock maluses, to achieve a better balance patch for the Artemis feature then the current overdone one.

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