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[Bug] Premature Out-Of-Bounds Condition, C2 Through F2

BUG -- Out-Of-Bounds Zone Edge of C2 through F2 Probable HotFix Needed!

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Posted 21 September 2018 - 10:31 AM

Title: Premature Out-Of-Bounds Condition on Caustic Valley at Edge Zone of C2 through F2

Description: Navigating near the Out-Of-Bounds Zone on Caustic Valley, local to the C2 through F2 edge, results in a Premature Out-Of-Bounds Condition while still inside where the marked Red Line indicates for the actual Out-Of-Bounds. This can result in the Unexpected Loss of one's Mech where the Map shows this should never happen, as well as Unexpected Match Loss. Armor Status does not matter, as this can affect a Mech with Non-Broken Armor Condition.

Location: Caustic Valley Map, C2 through F2, just inside the Marked Out-Of-Bounds

Reproduction Rate: 100% -- This is ALWAYS REPRODUCIBLE!!! :angry:

Steps to Reproduce:
  • Enter the Caustic Valley Map through Any Game Mode
  • Navigate next to the Out-Of-Bounds Line of C2 through F2, staying just barely inside the Red Out-Of-Bounds Line on the Mini-Map, but remaining within the indicated Allowed Combat Area
  • Get an Alert from Your Mech's On-Board Computer that you're Out-Of-Bounds where your Mini-Map says you should still be within the Allowed Combat Area
  • End up with your Mech being killed in the CT Component if you stay there too long, even if the Armor has not been broken through.

Comments: I've already Verified my install with the MWO Repair Tool, no issues there. The problem can be checked even on the Testing Grounds. Further, this Bug has already resulted in my losing a Match about 24 Hours Ago... The last person alive on My Team at the time had no indication that their Mech had gone into an Out-Of-Bounds state, and then it suddenly just lost the CT Component WITHOUT taking any Damage. Their CT Armor also had NOT been broken at the moment it happened. It's really not fair to lose a Match due to a Bug. :(

~Mr. D. V. "Please give this problem a HotFix Patch quickly?!?!?" Devnull

(EDIT -- p.s.: Double of Thread in the Patch Feedback Area @ https://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/269167-bug-caustic-valley-premature-out-of-bounds-condition-c2-through-f2/ ... Please Update Both once this is fixed?)

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