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A Crazy Idea To Make Solaris More Intersting

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#1 Rick T Dangerous


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Posted 30 October 2018 - 02:09 PM

To make it short: abandon boating.

Explanation: In S7 there's now this rule that prevents troll builds like "not more than 6 HPPCs" or "Less than 9 cERLL" (yes, I don't remember the specifics). But boating in general is quite common, best example may be the 6AC2 assault turrets or the all-you-can-eat MG leg humpers. But how about spicing things up a lot by introducing a very strict rule? That rule would be

"Not more than one weapon of a kind that does a lot of damage or two weapons of a kind that do little damage."

Illustration: By this rule a mech could only equip one large laser, be it pulse, ER, heavy or "regular" (IS Large Laser). One gauss rifle only per mech, no matter if it's light, regular or heavy. Same for PPCs: there can be only one. Not more than one medium laser, doesn't matter what kind. Only one autocannon (AC, LBX, UAC, RAC) per mech, even the 2s. Not more than one missle launcher, except for the smallest LRM, ATM or SRM launchers, with those two are allowed. Also two small lasers or two MGs can be equipped. And I'm not sure about flamers, if one would be too little or two would be too much.

That way mech builds become much more interesting, and so do the fights. Suddenly there wouldn't be boat vs boat fights, we would have fights between mechs with primary and secondary weapon systems, even tertiary and whatever the word for fourth and fifth weapon system is.

As a bonus this rule might have a very interesting effect on our beloved divisions...

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#2 Alcom Isst


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Posted 30 October 2018 - 03:16 PM

So you have a meta of mechs carrying a single large ballistic, supported by MRMs or a haphazard collection of lasers. Dozens of chassis die, leaving an even more limited selection of good mechs.

The game becomes a lot more brawly with a focus on twisting between large alphas, the cooldown differences don't change how effective that is.

Fast and light mechs become even more difficult to fight against as mechs carry a variety of weapon velocities.

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