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Stealth Armor Exploit

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#1 Dee Eight


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Posted 08 December 2018 - 10:46 AM

Is there any plan to fix the exploit of stealth armor where you cannot lock another enemy mech, regardless of active probes, counter ecm, UAVs overhead, NARCs or TAG laser... if there's an enemy with active stealth armor within the ecm bubble zone of you. The stealth effect is being transmitted to other mechs of the same team nearby, not just protecting the mech its equipped on. How about merely acknowledging you know that its a bug that is being readily exploited ?

#2 Spheroid


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Posted 08 December 2018 - 12:10 PM

If this bug does instead exist it needs to stay for the near future. This year LRMs were triple buffed through a combination of spread, heat and heat dissipation. Those changes benefited Clan disproportionately.

It is common place to see every mech on the field sport no fewer than fifty tubes nowdays with the average trending towards seventy. That many missiles in the air oversaturates any AMS defense. Once oversaturation occurs the shootdown rate goes to zero. There is no symmetry in this situation. I.S. is weight limited in terms of mountable launchers and also lags in AMS.

The Clans have two triple AMS mechs and one quad. Until the quad AMS Corsair ships no amount of AMS can prevent oversaturation. Additionally the Clan laser AMS is of identical performance to the I.S. despite weighing less and occupying fewer slots.

All level of player are using Clan lurm spam now. Both scrubs and seal clubbers use NARC with lurm spam because it is highly profitable do so. The TTK with so many lurms in the air is superior to any other weapon system. They know it is brainless, but do it for the intra unit competition of high match score and 3000+ damage.

If you drop on Caustic as I.S. you are going to die to missile spam. If you take fast brawl counters you better pray they didn't drop in something that can defeat that. Because of the guess work you create a situation where I.S. can guess wrongly more frequently and therefore lose a significantly higher percentage of the time.

If indeed stealth beats lurms, then Clan must reduce tube count to either field body guards or mount backup weapons to provide close in defense. Stealth moves the tech bases closer to win parity.

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