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Clan Weapons Balance Suggestions.


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#1 Arhanin


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Posted 11 January 2019 - 05:34 AM

Clan ATMs Too heavy and too many slots for a weapon that has a min range... If you are going to continue having the weapon weigh in at that much and take up more slots... Add more missiles to balance the weight and space requirements, possibly bring it more in line with the damage output of the IS MRM40s... Not like IS is the DEVs favourites or anything... Where are the DEVs that are clan lovers...
Clan Lasers Damage for heat now ridiculous...
Clan Laser damage nerffed... for more heat...
Clan Armor and stucture values need to be looked at and balanced verse similar IS mechs...
Clan omnipod set bonus or clan mechs without omnipod set bonus need to be addressed...
Clan ballistics are basically underpowered compared to the RACs of IS...
Clan in general just needs to be beefed up to be at least on par with the Inner Sphere mechs of the same class... I am finding it hard to justify continuing to play when a 50t IS medium just because it has a rac5 can pull apart a 60t clan heavy rocking 6xSRM6 and 4xHSL...

#2 admiralbenbow123


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Posted 11 January 2019 - 09:38 AM

First, ATMs have min range because they deal 3 damage per missile at close range.
Second, clan mechs have less armor than IS mechs because clans have most of their tech made for long range, while IS has their technology made mostly for brawling. So, if you are going to stick at long range, you won't need that much armor than you would if you wanted to brawl.

Now, I'm not an IS fanboy nor clan, but I'm just trying to say that clans in MWO are ballanced like in the lore.

#3 KhanBhacKeD


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Posted 12 January 2019 - 01:32 AM

View Postadmiralbenbow123, on 11 January 2019 - 09:38 AM, said:

Now, I'm not an IS fanboy nor clan, but I'm just trying to say that clans in MWO are ballanced like in the lore.

Are you sure about that? It seems I didn't read the same lore.

And actually Is mechs can compete with clan at long range.
Clan are better at skirmishing.

#4 Arhanin


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Posted 12 January 2019 - 07:17 PM

Clan used to be better at skirmishing when they had mechs that where generally always faster than the IS mechs... They were closer to the original lore being fast deadly at long range when versing the slow higher armored IS mechs that were typically better at close range... But seeing as they have gone away from the lore, IS have fast mechs and the same if not better weaponry than Clan, which under the battletech universe lore clan were always meant to have the better technology to give them the edge in battle, having those issues address would be great or go back to the fact that it is a game and just balance according to that setting to make for a fair more enjoyable gaming experience... Because as it stands now... It is anything but fair when comparing any two mechs, one IS and one Clan, of similar tonnage. IS have more weapons, more structure and more armor, which translates in game to more face time, more damage on target and higher survival rates of encounters... Not to mention you have IS lights that can run laser vomit builds with medium lasers that heavy clan mechs cannot run without overheating with more heatsinks and more surface area to allow for thermal transfer and more rapid cooling... So yeah I do not understand what and how this is possible if you consider either aiming to stay true to Mechwarrior Lore or creating a balanced, fair and logical gaming experience.

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