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Royal Kungs Armé : The Frr/kurita Hub Alliance

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Posted 22 January 2019 - 05:05 PM

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War. War never changes.

In the 3050 the Clan invasion churned to a close when our own intrepid daughter, the Valkyrie Tyra Mirborg, drove her ship in howling defiance right into the heart of the enemy killing and injuring the leaders of our hated enemies.

Tyra's actions directly resulted in the Battle of Tukayyid, which saw a formal end to the Clan invasion and the beginning of a watchful peace.

Now is the year 3066. Our wounds have healed, our resolve has strengthened, and our star has risen again.The KungsArmé and it's erstwhile supporters in the DCMS have decided now is the time regain their lost ground and liberate their fallen worlds.

And so I'd like announce the re-ignition of the RKA!

What is the Royal KungsArmé?
The Royal KungsArmé is a merging of like-minded units who are committed to working together in order to improve the Free Rasalhague & Kurita community. Our goal is to create a positive and competitive environment and to more readily emulate our Norse forebears by promoting and encouraging bravery and excellence in combat.

The Royal KungsArmé or RKA are the embodiment and representation of leadership on the FRR/Kurita Hub. They will also strive to be the accepted leadership of the FRR through their management of the Hub and their efforts to improve, protect and project the FRR.

Where is the Royal KungsArmé?
Find us at our Discord: https://discord.gg/KK6t679
Find us our TeamSpeak: frrhub.isengrim.org pw: Dragon

Lore Background:

The loss of nearly all FRR worlds to the clans and the near disintegration of their forces resulted in a collapse of FRR central command and authority. In the absence of any leadership two irregular units, the ISENGRIM from the JarnFolk Cluster, and the Ghosts of Nox from the world Nox, stepped in to reassert order and rebuild the tattered FRR forces.

RKA Command, or K-Command, was established on the Free Rasalhague World of Tukayyid and the political authority of the Valdherren was suspended on that world for the duration of the crisis. Instead the current K-Command, made up of ISEN and GNX leaders, seeks to rally the isolated and splintered remaining FRR forces to their banner.

Coyote of GNX is taken on the role and authority of Överbefälhavare, or Commander-and-Chief, of RKA forces.

RKA Goals:
  • Host, at minimum, two drop nights a week.
  • Host, at minimum, one inter-unit training every other week.
  • Maintain and create a positive and progressive environment for FW/CW players.
  • Provide drop-commanders, Mech-Wrights, and experienced leadership to all players.
  • Streamline faction-wide communication and organization.
RKA Unit & Organization:

A new unit will be created and maintained by all member-units of the RKA, this unit will be called... the RKA. Players from dead units, or players looking to join a new unit can join the RKA unit. It'll serve as a sort of "FRR Undivided" unit and a training unit.

Once members have proven themselves in the RKA unit they can choose to join a member-unit unit, or remain in the RKA unit.

The RKA's Ranks are as follows:
  • Menig - New Recruit to the RKA, lacking an optimized FW deck.
  • Sergeant - RKA member who has been in 3 three training or 20 RKA drops AND has one fully optimized deck.
  • Fanjunkare - RKA member who has been to 4 trainings, or 40 RKA drops and has two fully optmized decks.
  • Löjtnant - RKA member who has lead a lance in a training night, or in 4 RKA drops. Alternatively they are an officer in an RKA-member unit.
  • Kapten - RKA member who has proven themselves a capable Drop caller in RKA matches and trainings.
  • Major - Veteran RKA Drop Caller and/or Member-Unit leader.
  • Överbefälhavare - Command-In-Chief of the RKA.

Alongside ranks Battle-Runes will be awarded to pilots who earn them in training and combat.

Berserker Battle-Rune:

Pilots who participate in a 'W' movement training day and then prove themselves 9 times in battle will awarded the Rune of a Berserker. These foamy-mouthed aggressive heroes will drag the rest of our drops head-long into glorious battle.

Marksman Battle-Rune:

Pilots who participate in a focus-fire training day and prove themselves 9 times in battle will be awarded the Marksman Rune. These pilots have demonstrated an ability to shoot the mech and component called by lance or drop caller.

Herald Battle-Rune:

Pilots who participate in a target-calling training day and prove themselves 9 times in battle be awarded the Herald Rune. These pilots have proven that they will take up the call when a Drop Caller or Lance caller dies and keep the calls flowing.


Presiding Units of the RKA:

Ghosts of Nox

Member Units of the RKA:


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#2 Xannatharr


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Posted 23 January 2019 - 07:18 AM

Can't give you enough likes on this... well-done rallying the forces of the FRR! The Templars look forward to see you on the field of battle!

#3 Iron Ghost


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Posted 25 January 2019 - 11:31 PM

How does a unit become a member of the RKA. I'm in SO and our leader is MIA frankly. I'd like to remain with SO while still being a part of RKA.

#4 AnHell86


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Posted 26 January 2019 - 07:37 AM

Count me in! :)

#5 Skallahelm The Dane


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Posted 28 January 2019 - 06:31 PM

View PostIron Ghost, on 25 January 2019 - 11:31 PM, said:

How does a unit become a member of the RKA. I'm in SO and our leader is MIA frankly. I'd like to remain with SO while still being a part of RKA.

Come talk to me on TS or Discord.

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