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Returning Player First Impressions


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#1 Dauntless Blint


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Posted 26 January 2019 - 03:19 PM

So I was missing having a Mech game after what might be a couple of years away.
My first impressions were wtf did they do to my mech's? the new skill system broke all my builds so I thought OK I'll give it a 3 day binge and see where I'm at. (It's nice that I won't have to buy 3 Mech's to unlock the full potential on one anymore. Total sum of feels:Neutral opinion)

So far I'm either 1/10th of the player I used to be? or there has been a little power creep maybe? or maybe even the player base has advanced? or maybe even tactically degenerated into nascar pergatory?

I used to be a gun with the KGC's with games that might have averaged 0-3 kills,800-1200 damage. (AC5/UAC5/Gauss builds)
I can't make them (the KGC) work anymore but I'm still gonna give it a solid month before I decide weather the skill change broke assaults for me personally and nascar purgatory is every game as far as first impressions go. My Direwolf builds still work OK just rusty not sure yet.

I've had one game in 3 days where I did around 750 damage and 2 kills.
The reward feeling for that game was negligible. <like that should be 'on par' for my personal standards to feel rewarded. (not taking into account I'm as rusty as my time away)
Maybe one of 2 games where I felt the team was actually supporting each other instead of vulture racing.
The new supply crates! These were a welcome moral booster on the way from getting my arse kicked every match. Given time I hope to become competent in Assaults again.
I see some funny bolt-on's and decals they go straight on as soon as I get them.

I learnt how and used the Historic EXP and feel a little ripped off...my builds don't work. I can get over it. (why is the skill tree limited to 91 points?)
There is currently an event going and more to come as I can clearly see from that great in-game checklist <<great improvement and it even updates as you go. Happy feels.

So I tried some new weapons! (& tech)
Those RAC 5's look awesome and shoot OK but the effective damage is pretty average feeling. Will try and make them work over the next few weeks, I still don't understand why the jam meter runs when there's no shell's flowing through the breach but OK.
Impossible to use effectively against Alpha-poking Mechs. Overheats,jams and not enough sustain to get a feel for so far.
Got the "old faithful" Atlas out for a spin! felt pretty good with MRM's to help support it's arsenal.
I had a great experience with RAC2's on a Catapult and light PPC's.
So many mech's feel like they've been given a new life with the light engines and new weapons.

LRM's still work & so do the counter tools. So many ECM mech's in the game now.
AMS feels weaker ? Tricky stealth armor works but the Mark-1 eyeball does too, can't wait to use it when I gain access.

I looked up the ledger and see literally tens of thousands of K's of C-Bill modules aren't refunded in C-Bills, disappointing as C-Bills are an indication of time invested.
My skill tree's are half finished and my time is half thrown out.
My builds are less flexible as my skill tree's point system isn't maxed for some reason.
Nascar meta? Maybe my ability to use assaults is broken? Skill gap to big? Power creep?

Supply crates,Decals,Event minder,New Weapons&Tech. One new map/redone maps.
The ability to save builds! C-Bills seem to be slightly easier to come by even if your getting bottled often? might just be flogging Loyalty Mech's too much. XD

#2 Dauntless Blint


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Posted 12 February 2019 - 03:20 AM

So My first weeks back and getting used to the game again and the skill system is cool although I miss the full power of the information warfare and bonus's of the old system on the whole it seems fine enough.
My personal feeling is it probably favors mechs that use mobility for survival but that's just my opinion.
I do enjoy the challenge of trying to make assaults work well, hard to master.

So far the events and supply crates are great. I'm using premium days that I had stored for when I knew I'd be back.(after all the major changes)The economy feels fine.
The game feels good enough, still get the odd lag spikes and the graphics are starting to feel a little dated but it's still ok.

The maps feel like I never left. I'm getting map fatigue after one and a bit weeks back.They play the same

One Major element that the Dev team could have worked on is procedural generated maps. Just keep the different biomes but have the map generate some thing different every time. An other game that is doing this with great success is warframe.
They make tile sets that adjoin each other in random fashion to help create difference.

I wonder how a procedurally generated map with nothing but rolling hills blanketed in trees would play.
It makes me wonder if a MWO 2.5 with a new map system and graphics fidelity upgrade would go. I think it would help keep people interested.

Anyway on the whole it's nice to be back.

#3 Mighty Spike


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Posted 15 February 2019 - 03:53 AM

The Skill tree is limited because people would as usual trying to exploit it.Build mega durable mechs or make Firepower monsters better working.
.Thats why you have to use noods you dont want to. I had some doubts with the skill tree as it was going live. Now some time later, i must say i like it.
and you can change your personal skilling if something needs to be better or doesnt fit.
I can skill my mechs to fit my playstyle. I like fast and mobile heavys and mediums for hunting and seek& kill taskes

my mechs are mostly very durable and fast and mobile. With fast i mean for heavys minimum 75 km/h better 80+. and mediums minimum 90 better 100 km/h,
After some time you need to feel comfort with the skilltree, its okay

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#4 Mister Maf


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Posted 15 February 2019 - 07:56 AM

Being required to invest in less useful nodes to get to good ones I agree helps reduce the ability to min-max and forces you to make choices about what you want to specialize in rather than getting everything you want. Overall I think the skill tree system offers much more interesting choices than the old module system where everyone took speed tweak and radar deprivation and seismic sensor and that was that.

Glad you're enjoying your time back. A lot of returning vets just whine without giving it a fair shot.

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